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Z for Zachariah (2015)

The world is a desolate wasteland of radioactive terribleness, and everyone is dead. Well, not everyone. It seems there is one surviving valley in... somewhere in America where it gets cold. This is where we find the impressively lovely and Australian TOTALLY AMERICAN Margot Robbie. She plays a country girl who grew up as the daughter of a minister in this valley.

As far as I can tell, there are only four significant features of this picturesque valley: the farm (which includes farmhouse and church), the local store (which appears to have only serviced this farm at any point), the pond of fresh water that for some reason isn't radioactive, and the waterfall that is totally radioactive but doesn't link to the pond in any way.

Our leading lady has been here for an indeterminate amount of time, but she's been hunting and fishing and farming with the help of her dog, and she seems to be doing pretty well with it. Then she comes across a strangely outfitted man (Chiwetel Ejiofo…

We Are Still Here (2015)

I was starting to wonder if Hollywood knew how to make a horror movie anymore. The last truly good horror movie that I saw was The Babadook, and that was very much an Australian movie. I was afraid that all of the original scripts had left the country so they could be made by independent film makers or national film boards in more socialist countries.

We start with an older woman and her husband moving into a new town. They are recovering from the loss of their adult son, and they hope that this change of geography will help the healing process. They quickly determine that they have a ghost with them in the new house, but the mother (played by Barbara Crampton, who is generally referred to as a Scream Queen based on her appearance in many a crappy horror movie) is sure that it is the ghost of their dead son come to protect them.
After a creepy visit from a local couple (Monte Markham and Susan Gibney) the new home owners find out that the home has a past where a couple and their daugh…

Ommegang "Game of Thrones" Take the Black Stout

I will admit, the Game of Thrones tie-in is what caught my eye. The fact is, I would have given this a good look without the tie-in, and I probably would have purchased it anyway. There was a second Game of Thrones beer there, but I can't remember what kind it was. I remember looking at the type of beer and deciding that I would pass for now, so I'm not entirely taken in by a pretty label and a catchy name. This is a stout. I like stouts.

With a beer as black as the heart of a lifelong politician, the steadfast and solid head is an interesting tan. The lacing it leaves on the sides is patchy, but those patches are dense like a rain forest (pre-deforestation). The aroma is roasted nuts and grains. It has the feel of earth and stone to the smell, and that's just fine by me.

First sip is a vibrant one. It's smokey like a porter, and it's very nutty. It's slightly bitter with a coffee and chocolate mingling with licorice. Like I said, there is a lot going on in the…

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale

I've had a bad Kona lager and a good Kona pale ale. As this is another ale, I expect I may have good things waiting for me from this Hawaiian brewer. Am I being cautiously optimistic? Yes, but that's my nature, so I'm sticking with it for now.

The very clear, yellow-gold beer has very little head that flows away like a wave receding from the shore. There are very few bubbles left stranded around the sides of the glass. There are so few, that there is no reason at all to expect any kind of lacing. The aroma is sweet and buttery with fruits and flowers topping it off. I had hoped for hoppy, but sweet malt is good, too.

First sip is malty, but it's not really sweet malt. It is citrus and honey, but the overall sensation is a bit flat. The end of the beer is outright dry, which is really strange in a beer that is kind of watery. So far, I'm unimpressed, but I'll have to move onto a proper swig.

Tip-in is a gentle carbonation tingle and fruits. There is a bit of flo…

Coney Island Hard Root Beer

I've delved into alternative adult beverages a few times on this blog. While I'm really a beer guy, I have tried many hard ciders and some moonshine before finding a really bad hard root beer and a really good hard root beer. The issues that I had with the good one was that it didn't have enough carbonation, and it was way too sweet. I've been told that this may solve the problem.

It is properly the color of root beer - deep, deep brown with a hint of red. There is no head to speak of, so that's a bit sad, but it definitely show signs of more carbonation than the last one. The aroma is definitely very root beer, but it has an edge that I can't quite make out. At first, I dismissed the possibility of it being alcohol, but further sniffs have really made me think that it is a raw alcohol - like someone took root beer and added a splash of moonshine to it.

First sip is, again, very root beer. It has a liquor taste to it that skews it a bit, but it still has that v…

Berkshire County (2014)

I've been accused of watching a lot of terrible movies, and I will admit to watching more than my share. I'm not actively going out to find the lousy movies, though. In this case, I thought it was supposed to be a good movie - it had gotten lots of awards for being a great horror movie. Unfortunately, this movie was everything bad about horror movies added to everything bad about budget movies.

Alysa King is our lead in this movie, and she was... well... she was ill cast, as she is supposed to play a high school student, and she's just not that age, but that's an issue with a lot of these movies. She was definitely the best actor in the movie, but competition wasn't stiff. There aren't any significant role aside from the one Alysa had, and the supporting cast is pretty terrible.

Bad guys are very easy to play in these slasher movies. This is especially true when they wear masks the entire time - this gives them the illusion of being dispassionate and unfazed. T…

Evil Twin Fire Water Ale

Evil twin has been all over the map for me. They are clearly trying, and that is a step in the right direction. The trick to a pepper-infused beer is to get the balance just right. It's not an easy thing to do, but I hope that they did it right, given that they are bottling it and selling it to people.

The hazy yellow-amber beer has more foam than you can shake a stick at (and I can shake a stick quite a bit). I had to pour, wait, pour, wait, and pour one more time to get a full glass, and that was pouring down the side of the glass. The aroma is strikingly jalapeno peppers. I think I can smell a hop in there, but I'm a hop nut, so I might be projecting my love of hops onto the smell.

First sip is a very mild jalapeno. The problem is, it's mild, but it's still overwhelming the other tastes, so I may as well be drinking fizzy jalapeno water from Whole Foods (which I assume is a thing). It's possible that this isn't a sipping beer, and I can get more out of it th…

Kill for Me (2012)

Let's start off by establishing what we all know - two hot college girls put in a situation having to defend themselves against the evils of ex-boyfriends will inevitably engage in lesbianism. That is a very well-known scientific fact. I'd tell you to look it up, but I'm afraid you might, and that wouldn't do any of us a whole lot of good. Let's just say that Hollywood science is very definitive on this point.

As long as we're all clear on this point, you probably know where this movie is going. The whole movie starts with a girl having already been killed, and we are left to ponder why this might have been. Either way, there is an open room, and two pretty girls need a roommate, and they find one who is troubled and... sexually experimental.

The story has the all-men-are-bad mentality of a Lifetime movie, and women need to bond together to fight them off, even if they go out in a blaze of glory. Well, except for the one guy who is shy and supportive - so he'…

Max (2015)

This is not a movie about a German Shepherd. This is the story of a boy and his Malinois Belgian Shepherd. The difference between the two kinds of dogs is pretty minimal, but it itched at the back of my head through the whole movie - Max's hind was very high, and his build was much more slight than I expected. It makes sense that he wasn't the breed of dog that I thought he was going in.

This is a movie for kids. It just is. It has a modicum of the horrors of war, but no real blood or anything. Even when the Marine who was Max's handler (Robbie Amell) gets gunned down, we never see it. Instead, we concentrate on the Marine's little brother (Josh Wiggins) at home and his unfortunate money making scheme of ripping games from physical media and selling the now unprotected games to an evil Mexican guy (I'm going with Mexican over Latino here because he's actually from Mexico, so it's more accurate).

Inevitably, the Marine does, in fact, die in battle, and Max i…

Spy (2015)

Melissa McCarthy is building her career off of a certain style of comedy. She lays it pretty heavily on the butt and fart jokes, but her comedy is better than that. I'm not saying that I'm above a fart joke, but they should be (like a fart) fleeting and rare. Relying entirely on the butt jokes is like Gallagher relying on that giant hammer. It was entertaining for the first few watermelons, and now I need to hear some damn jokes.

This movie starts with Melissa and Jude Law as the spy and his helper on the other side of an earpiece. Melissa harbors quite the crush on Jude, and he is casually flirtatious with her, not seriously considering her as a potential romantic partner. Jude is the prime example of the perfect James Bond-style super spy who takes care of all of the fisticuffs and such while getting a feed of who is where and how to get out of nasty situations from Melissa.

Miranda Hart, who plays Melissa's best friend, is honestly one of the best points in this movie. …

Guinness Blonde American Lager

I've well documented that Guinness messed up their fantastic draught bottles. Then, they came out with their black lager, and that was just... what were they thinking? So, right now they produce the cans, and that's about the best they can put out. When they announced the Blonde American Lager, I was skeptical, but I want to find a good beer from them, dammit!

If someone said they wanted a beer to be gold - proper gold - the brewers would work industriously to get the color of this beverage. There isn't a lot of head on it, and what is there doesn't last. There's absolutely no lacing on the sides of the glass. The aroma is fruity and sweet malt. I'm looking forward to this more than I thought.

First sip is unlike pretty much any actual American Lager I've had - certainly unlike the macro brews. It's kind of bready up front with a lot of fruit on the way out. It's not bad, but it's not knocking my socks off.  Maybe an American swig...

Tip-in is a…

The Incredibly Flawed Drone Registry Proposal

This idea seemed to pop up overnight. Nothing in the Federal government ever moves this swiftly, but the idea was put out there a few days ago (Oct 16th was the earliest warning I saw) and they plan to have an operational registry of drone owners before Christmas. They also intend to have current drone owners register their drones, and they plan to have a separate process in place for that.

The problem is that they can't have proper rules in place with their 25-to-30 member task force by Christmas. It seems like they are scurrying and quoting questionable numbers to fuel fear of the imminent danger to public transportation and rescue workers. This registration process will be sweeping, but it won't be complete by any means. Right now, the vague threat that there would "be consequences" for not registering your drone seems nearsighted and fearmongering.

A drone caused issues with firefighters in California, and a drunk Secret Service Agent flew one onto the White Hous…

The Pact 2 (2014)

I would say that it's unusual for these throw-away horror movies to be able to get the stars back for the sequel. This is even true of B-list actors or people who are really trying to get a foothold in movies from the doldrums of TV. There are situations where this isn't the case, but that is typically trilogies or duologies like Insidious and Insidious 2.

This movie starts off establishing Camilla Luddington as the heroine. She's a crime scene cleaner who is also dating a police officer (Scott Michael Foster) when she comes across a scene that may be a little too similar to the Judas serial killer from the previous movie. It is so similar, in fact, that the FBI profiler who is still in town from investigating the killer, played by Patrick Fischler, is called in to investigate.

After she calls Annie (the protagonist from the previous film) and leaves a voicemail, I wonder why they bothered to even mention it, as they clearly aren't going to... hold the phone. Caity Lot…

Last Shift (2014)

This had the makings of a very good scary movie. The setting is a police precinct that is completely decommissioned as of the beginning of the movie. Our lead (and almost only) character is the freshly minted police officer played by Juliana Harkavy (you may recognize her as Alisha from The Walking Dead) who has to fight her natural instinct to run from the strange things she encounters in order to do her job.

The movie is slow in building to the horror, but I think I've become too desensitized to the need to build anticipation of the scary before actually getting to it. It starts with the little things - stuff you can dismiss as just strange, but probably a figment of your imagination. Then it starts to get outright weird. The problem is that there is a point fairly early on where she opens a locker, looks at a picture, and then all of the other lockers are open when she looks around. This is a clear indication that she needs to get out now. She doesn't.

She deals with a dunk …

Dogfish Head Namaste

Dogfish Head beers have sat at the extremes on my blog. I had two that were excellent. I also had one that I didn't care for very much at all. So, they sit at about 66% success, and the successes have been fairly over-the-top. So, how does their white ale fair? Let's find out.

The slightly hazy, straw-colored beverage is unapologetic with the amount of head that it produces. The head is really puffy and it boils down to a .25 inch of ragged landscape across the top of the beer. The aroma is off-putting. It is very heavy on yeast, and then it has citrus backing it up with grass and grains and flowers all mixed in there.

First sip is grassy and yeasty and citrusy. The tastes are the same as the aroma, but they are in different quantities. The overall take-away from the sip is actually better than I had expected. I feared something like the Pistil Dandelion or the HiCu, but what I have is immensely better. I must swig.

Tip-in is carbonation burn and yeast. There's a bit of ci…

X: Night of Vengeance (2011)

Here's the thing about this night of vengeance - it doesn't actually happen. I don't mean that there is a vengeance that gets thwarted toward the end or something like Tom Cruise in Collateral. Instead, I'm saying that the title that this movie was given is complete crap and doesn't have anything to do with the events on screen. The original title was simply X, and I'm pretty sure that isn't much better. The poster you see below of the woman's legs in stockings is the actual image from the poster, and the fact that they cross and make an X is supposed to be enough for you to know what the title of this movie is.

So, Australian movie studios haven't figured out how to market or title a movie, but they have demonstrated the ability to make a good movie - I mean, a really good movie. So, we give this one a try. Right off the bat, it becomes clear that this is a fairly low budget movie. That doesn't damn the movie to hell. Does the story?

Well, we s…

Samuel Adams Rebel Rider Session IPA

The Rebel IPA from Sam Adams was an excellent brew. I figured this was a derived beer, so it might have some of that same spark. If they are selling this side-by-side with the Rebel IPA, then Sam might actually think this is a better beer in some respect. I hope to heavens that they are right.

It is a bright and inviting (though slightly hazy) yellow-gold. The head has significant staying power, and it leaves lacing with the best of them. The aroma is very powerful floral and citrus hops with a bit of biscuit malt rumbling underneath. It's all very inviting.

First sip is slightly more bitter than I expected, and it has the malt hitting up front for a bit of sweetness, but the hops are too much for it to contain. The citrus lingers afterward to give the impression of a grapefruit finish with that bitterness.

The beer deserves a full swig.

Tip-in is mildly hoppy with bready malt thick and smooth. The citrus floats along quietly, not disrupting anything at all. The middle approaches …

The Pact (2012)

This movie is really the kind that makes me sad. It's a horror movie that doesn't really have a lot of horror. It tries, but I can't help but thinking that it might have been better done as an episode of Law and Order or CSI. Obviously, they would have to drop the blatantly supernatural stuff in this one, but the core of the story is about as complicated as TV episode's. This review is going to contain spoilers.

Caity Lotz and Agnes Bruckner play sisters whose mother recently died, and they have to pull the estate together. Agnes is the one with her stuff together and a young daughter waiting for her to come home. Caity is the hero of the story, and she's the loner who doesn't like to be tied down by attachments.

Agnes disappears almost immediately after the movie starts. She was in the home, she was videoconferencing with her daughter, and then her daughter asked her who was behind her and VOOM! she's gone. She leaves in her wake her sister, her daughter, …

Leinenkugels Harvest Patch Shandy

I have had a shandy before, all of the Leinenkugel beers have been very good, but pumpkin has been good and not good. My brother thinks that anything with pumpkin is the spawn of the devil, and I have certainly had bad experiences. On the whole, looking at the reviews I posted here, I have generally liked most of them, and that is something unexpected but welcome.

The murky beverage is an orange straw color. The white head is nice and thick, but it runs away faster than I would have expected. The only thing that remains is a ring around the edges of the glass and a one-bubble thick skim across the top. The aroma is pumpkin spice. There doesn't seem to be much else hiding in there.

First sip is a bit striking. Brown sugar and pumpkin pie - a very well spiced pumpkin pie - bedazzle the taste buds while a certain amount of water, clean and cool, bubbles underneath. The pumpkin pie tastes like it may still have a bit of the fibrousness of the outer pumpkin in it. A proper sip may give…

Inherent Vice (2014)

I have not seen the entirety of this film.

I have seen about 2/3 of this film, and that was more than enough for me. In fact, it would be enough for pretty much anyone. This movie is two and a half hours long. Now, I've sat through longer movies before, and I have loved some of them. Hamlet was excellent. Gettysburg actually had an intermission, and I loved the crap out of that movie. So, it wasn't just length.

If you fill the time with useful, plot-forwarding activities and interesting dialog, you can drag this thing out to three hours or more. Unfortunately, this movie fills the screen with Joaquin Phoenix getting high and actively not showering. Mind you, the stinky feet are just for show, but I'm pretty sure he just went ahead and got seriously high.

Honestly, if I had to sit though this entire movie, I would also get really high (it's possible that high is the only way to sit through this movie). The movie is supposed to take place in the late 60s or early 70s (I&…

Samuel Adams Octoberfest

If there's one thing I know about Sam Adams, it's that they know their way around beer. I have enjoyed many, many of their brews, and a new one will always find a place in my fridge. The weather here in Nashville is starting to turn cold, so an Oktoberfest seems like it should be just about the right beer tonight.

Colored like an ale that has had pumpkin added (so, let's go with an orange amber) this head dissipates very quickly, as if afraid of something. There is no lacing left on the sides and the few bubbles that remain group along the sides of the glass for comfort. The aroma is acidic malt. It's also a little smokey. I'm not sure where the acid is coming from.

First sip is smooth. It is malt with lemon. The lemon must have been the acidity that I was sensing in the aroma. The malt lays down a bit of a biscuity taste to go with the lemon, but the lemon is fairly strong with its influence. Methinks a draught might tell us more.

Tip-in is carbonation burn added …

Jurassic World (2015)

I remember watching Jurassic Park in the movie theater after it first came out. It was the first time I'd ever heard a theater that used 7:1 surround sound, and I could actually hear the raptors circling around me as they went after me and the actors on screen. This was the first film that had such a significant portion of the movie that was realistic CG, and most of the time, I couldn't even tell. Yes, there were some physics issues (there always are) but the special effects were mind blowing. Since then, the same or similar effects have been used on screen in quite a few movies, but the original holds a special spot in my heart.

This movie takes place twenty some-odd years after the last one. You may remember there were two sequels that already happened, and you may have wished that they never came out. The fact is, I remember watching them, but I only remember bits of both movies. They both had many issues, and the biggest issue was that they tried to outdo the original wit…

Left Hand Sawtooth Nitro All American Ale

Left Hand Brewing produced a very good milk stout. They then tried to make it punchier by adding nitrogen to the mix. I then tried the Russian Imperial Milk Stout that they added nitrogen to. This is the nitrogen-added version of the Sawtooth Ale that I tried quite a while ago. I'm looking forward to seeing what the result is.

I had to actually try to get some head on the top of this beer. Often, I pour the way I was told beer should be poured (directly down the middle, not letting the bottle "burp") and I get a massive head that is even greater than the beer it floats atop. In this case, it was like there was nothing. I don't know if this is a consequence of putting nitrogen into the beer, but I can only expect that it is.

The color is a clear amber-shaded brown. The very, very minimal head is light tan and eventually settles into a thin cover with a thick ring around the sides of the glass. The aroma is exceptionally light. I think I smell grains in the rich malt, …

30 Days of Night: Dark Days (2010)

So, you have a successful movie in that you made money - certainly more than you spent on making the movie - so what happens next? You make a sequel. Unfortunately, you probably don't have the budget to get the B-list actors that you got before, but that just means that this is a great opportunity for some actor to rise from obscurity, right? Only with the right script and director. This movie had neither.

We pick up where the last movie left off. The hero had died tragically in his wife's arms, and the vampires had been vanquished from Barrow, Alaska after the 30 days without sun. So... this movie takes place in Los Angeles. Not sure why we picked up at the end of the last movie at all if we were going to shift gears to LA anyway. The first flashes at the beginning of the film are kind of pointless as a result.

We start with a different actress playing the role of the widow. Kiele Sanchez is the woman who kind of looks like Melissa George and took her talent, put it on a phot…

Jekyll Cooter Brown American Brown Ale

I used to think I disliked brown ales, but I then ran into some that seriously changed my mind. Now, I look forward to them cautiously. Jekyll really impressed me with their first beer, but the second beer came up a bit short. This is make or break time for them, though, as I only have this last one to try out.

It's oh so very deep brown. It's like beyond mahogany brown. The head is not all that big to begin with, and it reduces to a thin layer of foam that just wants to make sure you know this is beer, not just really, really dirty water. The smell is delicious. It smells chocolatey and even sweet, but I think I smell some wheat in there with it.

First sip is less chocolate than the aroma made me expect. It's got some coffee bitterness and some grains and various caramel and toffee tastes. Yes, there's a bit of chocolate floating atop the bunch, but it is hardly the defining characteristic of the beverage.

A proper swig is my next logical step. Tip-in is light carbona…

Goose Island Oktoberfest

Oktoberfests are interesting beasts in that they celebrate the difference between seasons very dramatically. They signal the end of the simple, sometimes watery, summer ales and the beginning of the heavy winter beers with their added berries and spices and whatnot.

The beer is a nice coppery color, and the head goes away faster than the head on a can of Coke. The aroma is very sweet to my nose with hops and either pumpkin or apricot giving a smoosh of fat, fibrous fruit or gourd twinge to the whole deal. I think I even smell cinnamon or some other spice tickling my nose.

First sip is unexpectedly fruity and also malty, but the heavy malt was totally expected. The beer has a taste that is darker than the color of the beverage. The tangerine adds all of the texture of the beer, and everything else just dances around it.

A more advanced drink reveals a tip-in of fig and toffee malt. Carbonation is pretty minimal.The middle becomes caustic. The carbonation starts to burn while an unknown…

Jekyll Southern Session Blonde Ale

The first Jekyll beer impressed me. I have three different kinds that I picked up the other day, and I have to say that the whole prospect is looking pretty good right now. I haven't had too many Blondes that I have been particularly fond of, so I do have a hint of trepidation right now. Let's see what a sip brings me...

It's a very unappealing color of yellowy dirty dishwater. The head is not very solid, and it dissipates quickly. It leaves a very thin blanket across the top with no lacing on the sides at all. The aroma is quite nice. It's wheat blowing in the wind with a fruit orchard nearby. The smell from a nearby house of fresh baked bread contributes to the smell, and it's very nice to just sit back and enjoy.

First sip is earthy, hoppy, flowery, bready, and tarty. Is tarty a word? Well, it is a bit tart. It's not like a sour beer or anything, but it has a shade of tart being thrown at the flavors that give it a very unique taste. I'm betting a full s…

Cleanskin (2012)

I didn't know what to expect with this one. This was a recommendation from a couple of good friends back in Pittsburgh. They have demonstrated some very good taste (the country music notwithstanding) and I figured I could trust their opinions.

I like Sean Bean. He's a good actor, and he can play an action role with a bit more personality than most action stars. Yes, that personality is usually the brooding sociopath, but it's an interesting brooding sociopath. He's got enough range as an actor to play a romantic or touching scene, and he's got enough range as an action guy to make quick joint locks believable.
In this movie, which comes off as a kind of lower-budget James Bond movie, the quick edits during the fight scenes overwhelm you into thinking that there is something really interesting going on just out of shot, but you never actually get to see it.The edits are reminiscent of the Borne movies with their rapidly changing camera angles and unsteady footing of…

Jekyll Big Creek Kolsch

The brewer is unknown to me, but I got a few different samples of their wears, and I have unrealistically high expectations for them because that's just the way I roll. There's no good reason to NOT expect a beer brewer to produce a shocking good beer, and that's exactly what I'm bringing into this review - like it or not.

It's a very pale yellow with a head that is white as they come and pretty darn thick. It doesn't really leave any lacing on the sides, and that gives me a little bit of a sad. The aroma is a vary faint bread and maybe apple or pear. I'm not sure what I expected from the beer, but this is ticking the boxes for... being very beer.

First sip is actually pretty nice. It's a very sweet malt that makes the whole beer about as mild as a warm cup of tea. It's not so sweet that it's a soft drink or anything, I mean, it still has some hops adding a bit of bitterness and topping off the flavor, but this is actually reminding me of an All…

San Andreas (2015)

I remember hearing about how California was going to snap off and float away when I was a kid. I have since learned a bit more about how tectonic plates work, and that's not the way they work. Fortunately, the makers of this movie understood that, so they got that right. In fact, a lot of the science they got right. Some was... written at the writer's discretion.

Welcome to The Rock. I knew going in that this was going to star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. It's a disaster movie with an action hero, so there are certainly worse guys you could go with. The Rock, to his credit, didn't even bother taking off his shirt to embarrass the rest of us grown men. They give him a name other than The Rock in this movie, but it's kind of pointless, isn't it? His character is a search and rescue pilot who is in charge of a group of rescuers. The whole group are guys who came over from the military where they used to rescue people together. Honestly, I don't know wh…

Stone Go To IPA

Stone has been good, and they've been great. What they haven't been is spectacular enough to dazzle me like Lagunitas or Chimay. I'm thinking the Go To IPA might be the best chance - I mean, it's their go-to, after all. I like when a brewer puts a beer out there and says that it's the best they offer. It makes life easier in general.

The beer is lighter than I expected. It's a light gold like a macrobrew that was trying really hard to not suck. The head is just about perfect - a fluffy white pillow of big, lazy bubbles that leave a doily of lacing down the sides unrelentingly. The aroma is pungent. I mean, it's hit you in the face strong with its grapefruit, pine, bread, and apricot. It certainly let's you know that it's not messing around even though the 4.5% ABV is a bit timid.

First sip is like biting on a hop that has been soaked in grapefruit for a week. Normally, a beer with this low of an ABV doesn't have enough hops, and that is definite…