X: Night of Vengeance (2011)

Here's the thing about this night of vengeance - it doesn't actually happen. I don't mean that there is a vengeance that gets thwarted toward the end or something like Tom Cruise in Collateral. Instead, I'm saying that the title that this movie was given is complete crap and doesn't have anything to do with the events on screen. The original title was simply X, and I'm pretty sure that isn't much better. The poster you see below of the woman's legs in stockings is the actual image from the poster, and the fact that they cross and make an X is supposed to be enough for you to know what the title of this movie is.

So, Australian movie studios haven't figured out how to market or title a movie, but they have demonstrated the ability to make a good movie - I mean, a really good movie. So, we give this one a try. Right off the bat, it becomes clear that this is a fairly low budget movie. That doesn't damn the movie to hell. Does the story?

Well, we start with a call girl who has clearly been doing this a while played by Viva Bianca. She is clearly working hard to make as much money in as little time as she can, and she has a system setup to let the money come to her as much as possible. In the process of finding out about her, we get a glimpse of Sydney and the grime that exists in some areas.

However, we see a whole lot more of it when Hanna Mangan Lawrence shows up as the innocent runaway who has decided to walk the streets of the big city to make a living rather than deal with whatever crap was happening at home. At points, we see way too much of the seedy side of that town. We also see quite a bit of anatomy in this movie. I have a friend who automatically grades a movie higher based on nudity, and he'd have rated this movie a lot higher than I would. They use nudity for the shock value at times, which is effective. They also use it as background noise, which is less effective.

The movie is a run-all-night kind of film, but it doesn't have the pace of other movies of this type. Almost every single man is the enemy, and every woman makes bad choices. I think there's probably supposed to be a moral lesson in all of this, but I'm not sure it's coming across the way they want it to. What I actually get out of it is that there is only the slightest glimmer of hope in the world, and it will only come to the pretty girls. Everyone else exists to make sure the pretty girls are okay in the long run.

Direction was okay
Acting was okay
Story was very weak
Dialog was tolerable
Editing was choppy

Bottom Line: If this movie is trying to get a pass based on the nudity, they could probably have used more of it.



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