Samuel Adams Octoberfest

If there's one thing I know about Sam Adams, it's that they know their way around beer. I have enjoyed many, many of their brews, and a new one will always find a place in my fridge. The weather here in Nashville is starting to turn cold, so an Oktoberfest seems like it should be just about the right beer tonight.

Colored like an ale that has had pumpkin added (so, let's go with an orange amber) this head dissipates very quickly, as if afraid of something. There is no lacing left on the sides and the few bubbles that remain group along the sides of the glass for comfort. The aroma is acidic malt. It's also a little smokey. I'm not sure where the acid is coming from.

First sip is smooth. It is malt with lemon. The lemon must have been the acidity that I was sensing in the aroma. The malt lays down a bit of a biscuity taste to go with the lemon, but the lemon is fairly strong with its influence. Methinks a draught might tell us more.

Tip-in is carbonation burn added to the acidity of the lemon. The middle is simple and just as smooth as the sip was. In fact, it's even more smooth and a bit watery. The malt and lemon commingle to give the impression of a kind of lemon-infused bread. The finish makes things a bit more harsh with a lashing of carbonation and a resurgence of acidity. Honestly, the burn seems to overwhelm the flavors that might be hidden there.

Bottom Line: I've had better Sam's and I've had better Oktoberfest beers. This doesn't have the flavorful punch that an Octoberfest needs.



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