Modern Times Hoppy Dank Amber

This is my third beer from this brewer, and the other two have been absolutely fantastic. Are they setting themselves up for the great fall? Well, if anyone really relied on my opinions in this blog maybe that would matter. But, for now, I'm just gonna drink this beer and write down what I think of it. That's what this blog is about, and that's what I'm gonna do.

The aroma hits hard right out of the gate. It hits with the on-the-label dankness with the malt and a high note of tropical hops. The color is a very deep amber - a lot darker than I'm used to amber beers. There's very little head, and that's pretty much par for the course, but I kind of expected the hops to make the beer retain the froth a little longer. The smattering of patchy bubbles is good for an amber, though.

First sip is that very dank, heavy malt with a bit of caramel on the outsides and the hops dusting with floral and tropical samples of their wares. It's a strange world where an am…

Modern Times Booming Rollers Hoppy Citra IPA

Wait - another one from Modern Times, and it's another somewhat hazy IPA? Is it possible that Bearded Iris simply created a subsidiary in San Diego or something? Look, I don't know what's going on, but I'm happy enough in my ignorance as long as I get good beer.

The patchy, cream-colored head sits atop the hazy golden beer and leaves lacing as it sees fit. It's not going to leave a wallpaper of bubbles on the glass, but a webwork will definitely be the result of a well-consumed beverage. The aroma of citrus is evident, but I don't get the dust or the mangoes that I got from the previous - and quite excellent - effort.

First sip is breathtakingly simple with citrus and a slight wheat malt, and the fibers of the fruit are really giving body while being a bit tart and sweet at the same time. It's a darn good sip, and there is only one thing that can follow - a gulp.

Tip-in is carbonation sizzle with floury wheat bread with a big-ol' hunk of grapefruit and …

Dogfish Head Bitches Brew Stout

These guys are pretty solid. Every brewer's going to have beers that are a little outside the lines or don't really line up with my expectation of what a particular type of beer should taste like. At the same time, for me to go out of my way to taste something from the same brewer this many times, they have to show talent. These guys have definitely shown talent, and they deserve my dollar for their beer.

Dark brown to black, this beer has a medium head of tiny bubbles that absolutely WILL NOT go away. The aroma is strangely chocolate and vanilla with a dark roasted layer of oatmeal. I didn't expect this from a barrel aged beer made with honey, but I'm telling you that I am looking forward to this.

First sip is a strange feel of syrup with the honey fairly prominent, but it has the roasted malts and the vanilla along with the shade of a dark liquor and oak about it. It's very interesting and a little intimidating, but we'll see how the full swig goes.

Tip-in is…

Hutton & Smith Bivouac Black IPA

Based entirely on my reviews so far, both black IPAs and black ales tend to do pretty well with my taste buds. The only other Hutton & Smith beer that I've had before was a straight IPA, and it was very good. Based on this set of data points, I'm guessing I'm really going to like this beer. So, let's see what the boys in Chattanooga brought.

Black beer with a red skew, the head on top is a medium tan. Is khaki a color or a style? I think it's a color, but I don't know for sure, and it's not like I have the internet to search here in my cabin in the mountains. This is a thick head, too! And is lots of it. The aroma is stale, woody malt with definite chocolate nibs and coffee vibes going on. There's resin and light fruit adding to it, but I have no idea what kind of fruit it is. Let's go with… star fruit!

First sip is a bit of a taste hit. If I didn't know better, I'd say this had some hard liquor in it. The coffee mixed with the pine and …

Nola Irish Channel Stout

Hey! NASA made a beer! And it's Irish! Wait - this is Nola. Isn't that New Orleans? Ah. This reminds me in concept of the .. was it a viking company or something that was in Wisconsin? Well, it's not like I write a blog where I could find out, so I may never know.

Black is the right color for a stout, so this one meets all expectations head-on. The minimal head is a lot lighter tan than most of its brothers, and it loses almost all of the head, but it leaves a curious star pattern that might also be some kind of alien. The aroma is coffee, earth, and chocolate. I'm not a fan of coffee, but let's see how well balanced this is.

First sip is a strange sensation of carbonation carrying vanilla with a chocolate covered coffee bean in the middle. Again, I'm not a huge coffee guy (okay, I really don't like it. I tried in college, but it just was never for me. Yes, I tried to add milk and sugar to the point that it was coffee-scented sweet milk, but it was never go…

Clown Shoes Space Cake Double IPA

You know, I went through a phase where I tried every hard cider I could get my hands on, and I overdid it to the point that I stopped looking forward to trying new ones. Well, I think I may be approaching the same point where comes to dessert beers. This is yet another double IPA that has been made into a dessert beer. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, as double IPA's tend to be sweet, but things are starting to get a little out of hand.

The beautifully bronze-gold beer has a head that really sticks around. I mean seriously, this didn't want to go away. But, it eventually does, leaving lacing all down the sides like wallpaper. To good look, but one I would typically associate more with an IPA than a double. But, these are the quirks craft beers, am I right? The aroma is light and a little sweet, but it seems a lot more grain heavy then I would ever have expected.

First sip is sweet and smooth. This is just about as sweet as I expected a dessert beer to be, and it definitel…

Clown Shoes Undead Party Crasher American Imperial Stout

Is this a political statement? This is supposed to be American, but it's also supposed to be Imperial. America definitely went through a growing stage for a while, but I thought that was all behind us, and we now realize that being an empire is not what we want to be. Or, it's entirely possible this is just the style of Stout. Some things no one can ever know.

One thing I do know is that this beer is so brown that it's black. Not a single photon is able to penetrate this beer. The milk chocolate brown head on top just adds to the effect.The sweet and smoky aroma puts me in mind of a dying campfire where someone has taken the marshmallows and chocolate and tossed them into the burning embers. It's sweet, a little chocolatey, but it's definitely smoky.

First sip follows the nose mostly, but it's sweeter than it is smoky. That's not say there isn't any smoke, but the sweetness is just out there in front, covered with a little bit of vanilla on top of a fai…