Jackalope Snowman Stout

So, a friend (Frogman) had this beer and told me he couldn't even taste the coffee in it, and he liked the beer. Well, I'm going to rely on his take and try the sucker out for myself. Mind you, I'm the guy who complained that a Keurig once had coffee go through it, and I could taste it in my hot chocolate (and no one around me - including Frogman - backed my play).

The beer so brown that it is black has a light tan head with bubbles that are too large to be nitrogen, but they are not really as big as most carbonated beers. The head is thick, but it doesn't have any stickiness. When it leaves, it leaves only footprints and memories with an aroma is coffee and earth. So, let's see where we go from here.

First sip is what they say on the can - coffee. What did I expect, really? I suppose mocha might mean that it also has chocolate or something, but I am getting nothing but coffee. I need to read labels before I buy beer from now on.

Tip-in is acidic bite with carbonat…

Clown Shoes Galactica Double IPA

I noticed that I stopped commenting on new breweries. I seem to be going through them so quickly these days that it barely even registers that I'm getting to try a beer from a whole different place, brewed by entirely different people, and using entirely different methods. I mean, who'd have thought people from.... Boston would drink?

The delightfully amber beer has a sticky head that makes me happy. The aroma is weak as all-get-out. I mean, there appears to be almost no smell. Do I have a cold or something? If so, I have no other symptoms, and I can still smell my (currently wet) dog, the bag of Jalapeno cashews I have, and the beef jerky in a bag on my desk.

First sip is all malt up front and all bitter and pointy bits at the back. The back is so harsh that it ruins whatever the beer is trying to do. I can't say this is a good beer to sip, but it might be a good beer to drink like you mean it.

Tip-in is sweet and tart with biscuit malt and light citrus. The middle is inc…

BrewDog Hazy Jane New England Style IPA

Is New England the new West Coast IPA? They're very different beers, but I notice that my selection of beers has definitely swung that direction lately. I'm not complaining - New England-style IPAs are pretty darn good, but the West Coast style are also tasty. What a delightful conundrum to deal with.

The beer is very hazy just like the package promises, but I genuinely believe pretty much any random selection from Bearded Iris would be significantly hazier. The white head is admirably sticky, so we have quite a thick webwork of lacing on the sides. The aroma is mouth-wateringly citrus, and I don't even want to bother writing this review - I just want to drink it.

First sip is a joyous expression of citrus, bread, and happiness. It's sweet, tart, and a little bitter, and the flavors are mingled together like an artist with an impeccable eye has spent hours going back and fourth before finally applying color to canvas and painting a masterpiece at a stroke. I may be get…

BrewDog Elvis Juice IPA

I'll admit to being one of the few people who tuned into the TV show Brew Dogs that featured the guys who founded Brew Dog on their jaunts from country to country, brewing odd beers in strange ways with complicated, contrived time elements. The reason BrewDog is known internationally is that they brew beers with very high percentages of alcohol. This has a pedestrian 6.5% ABV, so they aren't breaking any records that way.

The copper beer has a stark white head that is nice and sticky, clumping together into an uneven mat across the top of the beer while managing to leave a webwork of lacing on the sides. The aroma is very, very distinctly grapefruit, but it's a sweet grapefruit like one that has had some sugar sprinkled across the top. Presentation of this beer is pretty fantastic.

First sip is delightfully grapefruity, but there is a heavy malt that is taking away the tartness and sourness that you might expect from the abundance of grapefruit. I had wondered why they wou…

Evil Twin Double Barrel Imperial Biscotti Break

I don't normally look at price when I buy beer. It's not that I'm made of money, but I look for the styles and labels I haven't tried yet, and they tend to get more expensive. It's easier for me if I don't put too much thought into the whole affair. I would probably avoid Evil Twin, but Jeremy (of City Sliquors fame) went out of his way to point out that he got very few bottles of this, and it was the most expensive bottle he's ever sold. That's not true, but I went for it anyway.

The brown-to-black beer has a thin head that is pretty dense and very brown. After a bit, the head is almost completely gone, leaving just a quarter of a ring around the side of the glass. The aroma is heavy with bourbon, wine, and wood. I wonder if there is beer under there. I wonder because I can't smell it at all through the other scents.

First sip is tart, bitter, and even sour. It adds that to the aforementioned bourbon and wood, but the wine is pretty light. Instead,…

Off Color Dino S'Mores Imperial Stout

What the hell? I hadn't ever seen a s'more-based beer until a few weeks ago, and now I'm looking at my third. It was like when I had those peanut butter and jelly beers or when Armageddon and Deep Impact came out. It might even be like when White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen came out. Someone heard about something in the works and said, "I can do that!" Well, let's see if they can.

She's a pitch black beer that loses the head pretty quickly, and it loses it completely. I mean, there is nary a bubble atop this sucker - like a cider, really. The aroma is chocolate, coffee, maple, and some soft wood. Its smell is probably the best of the s'mores beers so far; I wonder if the taste will follow.

First sip is nothing like s'mores. That said, it tastes like a very good imperial stout. It's sweeter than most stouts, but it definitely has that smoky, okay taste to it that both they and most porters sport. I wonder if the middle is smooth and milky…

Bearded Iris Ever Clever Double IPA

I can't go on about Bearded Iris anymore. Much like my love of Lagunitas (haven't had a new one of those in quite some time) I think I need to stop my effusive gushing of love for them in these reviews and just get on to business. They aren't always the best beers, but they are very interesting, and that'll get you somewhere.

The delightfully very hazy and brassy-gold beer has a very nice head that boils down to a patchy mass with gobs of lacing left on the sides as if the head didn't like to be taken away and left its claw marks. The aroma is a strong citrus (orange and grapefruit) with bitterness right on the nose, but a flaky malt is somewhere under that.

First sip is a beer that asserts itself and lets everyone in the area know that it is not to be taken lightly. Hops bounce around like they own the place, and the orange and grapefruit are at the fore. Some pine join the mix, but the malt is really the story. It's not loud like the hops, but it is handling …