Braxton "Revamp" IPA

I surely can't be the first person to point out to Braxton that the logo that they've chosen is vaguely reminiscent of a Nazi logo, can I? It's not a good look to try and emulate Nazis, and this is especially true with their recent resurgence. I realize this is brewed in Kentucky, but I'm pretty sure the Nazis are generally frowned upon there, too. Still, this is a great name for a beer. This isn't one of those names that just goes on and on like some beers. It's the name of the brewery, a name for the beer, and the name of the style. More brewers should do this kind of branding (aside from the Nazi stuff).

This is a picturesque beer. Some beers just resonate a perfect look, and this is certainly one of them. The amber-gold color is striking yet inviting, and the head is thick, fluffy, and sticky as all get out. It leaves a spattering of lacing down the sides of the class as it descends, and this just makes the look even better. Initially, I thought I smelled a…

Founders "Trigo Hoppy Wheat" Lager

Ever since I got this set of beer glasses from my wife, I have struggled to really figure out why one class is supposed to be better than another for a particular style of beer. This glass is for wheat beers, but it says on the box that it's for wheat ales specifically. I'm just gonna go ahead and throw this be lager in here, and maybe we shouldn't really trying to select whether or not it's the right glass for this beer that came in a can.

The very pale yellow beer starts to turn a little orange toward the top where the liquid has area to spread out (I think I found the reason for the special glass). There isn't much of a head to begin with, and it tries to hang on the sides of the glass, but it's really not going to win this battle. The aroma is grassy and wheaty, and it has a bit of lemon and possibly honey coming through as well.

First sip is certainly not bad. It's very watery, but it has enough greens and grass and even that lemon to at least give the…

Fat Orange Cat "Living In Our Own Private Idaho" New England IPA

Holy crap, that's an exceedingly long name. Even after I just tried using initials for the New England India Pale Ale, that name is just too dang long. Could you imagine trying to order this in a crowded bar? There's a reason Budweiser is reduced to Bud, and it's not just because it doesn't deserve all three syllables.

The mostly opaque orange beverage has such an even color from the top of the glass to the bottom that I am not sure I would believe that this wasn't edited in Photoshop or GIMP or the like if I wasn't looking at it right here in front of me. There's minimal head, and it leaves a dusting on the very top of the beer, but it leaves little else. The aroma is very faint, but it has bread dough and yeast. I expected hops. Where are the earth-shattering hops?

First sip is sweet orange, grains, pine, and dough. It's a good sip, but it's complicated as heck. I can't say I would recommend drinking this beer by sips, as there is just so much…

Fat Orange Cat Blood Orange Billy New England IPA

Hey, what kind of beer is that?
Blood Orange Billy.
No, I mean what kind of beer?
It's Fat Orange Cat?
No, what's the style?
*reads small print*
*reads other, smaller print*
It's a new England India Pale Ale with blood orange.
Is that a thing?
Well, it appears these guys think it is.
Is that one of those 12% beers? 
Well, it's part of the 12% project, but some of their other beers are part of that project, and none of them are 12%. This is probably not coincidentally 6.66% ABV. I don't think their Satanists, though.
Oh. It's one of THOSE.

Pale straw yellow beer is very hazy. It has almost no head right out of the can, and that allows me to fill my pint glass all the way to the top. What little head exists is pretty much just white, and there isn't going to be any lacing on this beer. The aroma is sweet with oranges, but there's a bit of a bite like harsh grain or an errant spice.

First sip is pretty good. It's got the sweet orange right up front with kin…

BrewDog Albino Squid Assassin Red Rye IPA

I'm not generally a fan of rye beers, but this is BrewDog, and they put out Hazy Jane, so they have a wide margin for failure. Looking at the label, you might not even realize that this is a BrewDog beer immediately, as it has a stylized evil squid dominating the can to the point that I had to scour the can to find out what the style was.

The beer is only a little red. In fact, I'd probably call it a lightly amber-hued dirty brown with a realistic head that won't be leaving lacing, but it's doing a fine job of sticking around. The color of the beer is really kind of striking - like a dirty puddle outside a Glasgow pub that someone bled into after a hard-won bar fight that had the loser buying a round for the bar. The aroma is crisp apple, grapefruit, orange, and flowers.

First sip is not bad. It is mostly malt with the citrus around the outskirts, but the rye is like a thin red line that goes through the whole thing; it's not the most flavor beer, but it's not …

Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

I swear I've had this before. I can say that, as I know for certain that I definitely have. The problem is that it was so long ago that it was before I started to document the beers that I've tried. So, I'm backed into this corner of having to drink it as if it is completely new to me. Good news - I can handle this.

The black beer has an odd mix of brown and red at the extreme corners, and it is very reluctant to release any head. It's reluctant in the same way the bourbon barrel beers tend to be, but this is definitely not from a barrel. The aroma is rich and thick with coffee, chocolate, and caramel in the malt areas and a pine hop with dark fruit floating on top.

First sip is the thick, roasted malt with it's coffee and bitterness mesmerizing the tastebuds while earth and dark fruit make a subtle background for it to dance across. It's a bit much for a sip, but that's going to be the case with pretty much any imperial stout, isn't it?

Tip-in is syrup…

Sun King IPA

The ABV on this is 6.5%. The only reason I know this is that SKB (Sun King Brewery) has it on their website, but they don't bother to put it on the beer. Some small breweries do this because the ABV in the beer fluctuates pretty significantly from one batch to the next (a small brewery I went to once had a batch that they had accidentally allowed to get dangerously close to their local legal limit of alcohol, and they consequently restricted the number you could have while you were there. I had two. They were delicious).

The clear, brass-colored beer has a minimal head, but it's sticky, and it likes to leave lacing, so I'm going to go ahead and call it just about perfect. The aroma is very juicy citrus and a bit of mustiness from the doughy malt. It's got a sweet feel to it, and I'm in the mood for a good, sweet citrus beer.

First sip is not sweet. It is not sweet at all. It's bitter and tart, and the slight mustiness is a blanket of dust that covers all and do…