Tailgate "Marcus Maris Otter" Hazy IPA

I've had a look, and this is my 11th Tailgate beer. Generally, their beers have been on the positive side with a few outliers. I've even had a couple beers that I labeled is pretty outstanding. So, I have no compunction going out to find another one of their beers to try out. This hazy IPA is only the latest in their attempt to take over everything from right here in Nashville.

Just pouring this beer out into the glass bathes me in the aroma of citrus and tropical fruits. And when they say hazy, they're not kidding. No light comes through the center of this orange hued and almost pumpkin colored like beer. The head wasn't much to begin with, and it goes away pretty quickly. There isn't going to be any lacing going on today. Still, that aroma is very enticing.

First sip is pretty meaty. It's got a whole lot of fruits going on with some light melon, grapefruit, peach, and apricot all kinda vying for the right to dominate the taste buds. Even with a little sip, th…

Mill Creek Transcendent IPA

Another chance to try a Mill Creek beer, and I'm again looking forward to it. These guys are local to Nashville, as they are from nearby Nolensville, TN. I am pretty sure this place was not named after the famous director of the Dark Knight trilogy, but I can't verify that without doing research, and who wants to do that?

That is one of the most interesting shades of copper I've seen in a beer. I was immediately struck by it, and I'm not sure it comes across in this picture as striking as it is in person. The head isn't much to worry about, and it becomes a very simple dusting on top with minimal lacing. The aroma is sweet, thick malt with the meat of an orange backing it up nicely.

First sip is very stiff resin with a bread backbone, grass, and citrus chunks. I'm not sure I like it, though. The resin is pretty rough, and it masks any nuance that might be hidden in the depths of the beer. Instead, this becomes exactly the kind of beer that a ponce would slog th…

Baker Company "Kitty" Coffee Whiskey Barrel Stout

From my recent trip to what turned out to be very rainy Asheville, NC, I was given this beer is a gift. I met the dog on the label, Kitty, and she's a working dog; she's a great little helper, and she loves to chew on antlers in her free time. I wasn't sure about going after another coffee beer, but I think I've learned enough about what I should be looking for in one of these. So maybe I won't toss this out before even try.

The very, very dark brown beer is pretty much as near as black as you would expect. There is quite a bit of sediment at the bottom of this bottle, yet the top sports almost no head. This is not unusual for beer that has been mixed with harder liquors. When I take a whiff, it's the hard liquor mixed with coffee. Yep, this is going to be very coffee. It may be too much.

First sip is certainly more coffee than I'd normally like in here, but it's not overwhelming right up front. Instead, there's bitterness and dryness of the harder …

BrewDog Piña Playa Gose Ale

I can't help but notice the precipitous drop in average rating of the BrewDog wares. They hit a high point with the Hazy Jane, and they have disappointingly trailed off since then. Since I kind of put this one off to be the last of the most recent three that I picked up, I am not anticipating this bucking the trend, but these guys have the talent for brewing, so let's see what they did.

The full head of big, off-white bubbles boils away to a patchy cap that leaves very little lacing. Under it all is the mostly clear, yellow-gold beer with an aroma that isn't knocking me off my chair. It's much, much lighter than I expected, but it brings lemons, pineapple and... coconut. Some people might think that I'm a picky person with my choices, but I don't like coconut (in addition to the sour ales, coffee, and a bunch of other stuff).

First sip is not good at all. It has the pineapple and lemons, but it has the coconut and a sourness that I should probably have expected…

Hi-Wire Irish Stout

I recently visited the Hi-Wire brewery, and I sampled quite a few of their beers. One that I didn't bother trying was the Irish Stout, as I knew I had some sitting in my fridge at home, waiting to be reviewed. Yes, even when I'm away from this computer, I have your concerns about my objectivity at heart. Also, they had a lot of other very good beers for me to try.

The beer is black with a very deep red hue. The head is pretty minimal, and it leaves not more than a dusting on top of the deep black beer. The aroma is strong roasted oats and wood with a sprinkling of vanilla and molasses sweetening the deal. While very few Irish stouts can be on par with Guinness, I appreciate the effort, and this is a good start.

First sip is harsh, bitter, and dry. The toasted oats are there, but there is a sharp bitterness that cuts through any malt that the brewer intended to lay down. I don't know what they were going for, but they don't appear to have hit it right. This sip is a mis…

Decadent Multiflora Double IPA

So, I had this one sitting in my fridge for a little while now. I don't know if it was the freakish looking bees, a strange color of seafoam–teal of the label, or the fact that it says multi-flora, and I assumed this meant it would be one of those ales brewed with flowers or plants or something like the hideous Magic Hat crap that got me completely turned off of that brewer. But, today's the day to try it.

It's hazy in patches with flows of detritus suspended quite delightfully in the center of the beverage. The color is orange overall with a bit of honey where the glass is thinner. The head isn't much to write home about, and I don't expect there to be much lacing if any. The aroma is tropical fruits instead of the flowers I was afraid of. The good news is, my mouth is watering.

First sip is sweeter than I anticipated, even though I know most DIPAs are relatively sweet. The tropical fruits have their tanginess and bitterness, and the yeast is adding an interesting…

B Nektar "The Dude's Rug" Hard Cider

I have a confession. I never saw The Big Lebowski. I saw previews, and that was enough to tell me that I didn't give a crap about this movie. A friend of mine points out that I watch a lot of bad movies, but I don't watch them when I know for certain that they are bad going in. And I don't think I would like this movie. Still, I may like this beer.

WAY darker than any cider I've ever encountered means that this is a cider unlike any that have come before it. It's a dark amber with negligible head, but definitely sparkles of carbonation bubbling to the surface. The aroma is almost like a pumpkin spice apple cider. It's heavy on the spices, but apple is clearly the base.

First sip is like the world has been invaded with pumpkin spice (without the pumpkin) and this cider is on the front lines. So, the granny apple base (maybe not granny apple, but tart) has spice just pounded into it in a way that puts me in mind of pumpkin spice without the pumpkin. It's a st…