Kona Big Wave Golden Ale

I've had a bad Kona lager and a good Kona pale ale. As this is another ale, I expect I may have good things waiting for me from this Hawaiian brewer. Am I being cautiously optimistic? Yes, but that's my nature, so I'm sticking with it for now.

The very clear, yellow-gold beer has very little head that flows away like a wave receding from the shore. There are very few bubbles left stranded around the sides of the glass. There are so few, that there is no reason at all to expect any kind of lacing. The aroma is sweet and buttery with fruits and flowers topping it off. I had hoped for hoppy, but sweet malt is good, too.

First sip is malty, but it's not really sweet malt. It is citrus and honey, but the overall sensation is a bit flat. The end of the beer is outright dry, which is really strange in a beer that is kind of watery. So far, I'm unimpressed, but I'll have to move onto a proper swig.

Tip-in is a gentle carbonation tingle and fruits. There is a bit of flower power going on here, too. The middle arrives with honey and citrus and a lot of water filling the mouth. It lasts for a while, but it doesn't actually make much of an impact. Finish is that dry sensation and a bit of bitterness with a dry and dusty leather taste trailing off.

Bottom Line: 2 out of three Kona beers are on the wrong side of the scale.



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