Samuel Adams Rebel Rider Session IPA

The Rebel IPA from Sam Adams was an excellent brew. I figured this was a derived beer, so it might have some of that same spark. If they are selling this side-by-side with the Rebel IPA, then Sam might actually think this is a better beer in some respect. I hope to heavens that they are right.

It is a bright and inviting (though slightly hazy) yellow-gold. The head has significant staying power, and it leaves lacing with the best of them. The aroma is very powerful floral and citrus hops with a bit of biscuit malt rumbling underneath. It's all very inviting.

First sip is slightly more bitter than I expected, and it has the malt hitting up front for a bit of sweetness, but the hops are too much for it to contain. The citrus lingers afterward to give the impression of a grapefruit finish with that bitterness.

The beer deserves a full swig.

Tip-in is mildly hoppy with bready malt thick and smooth. The citrus floats along quietly, not disrupting anything at all. The middle approaches with a slightly more spiky hop feel with carbonation adding to the burn. The finish dazzles the mouth with a quick flash of carbonation before the hops bite in with a sudden and fleeting bitterness. The citrus reasserts itself with a heavy grapefruit and light bitterness that fades in time.

Bottom Line: Not as good as the Rebel IPA, but very good in its own right.



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