We Are Still Here (2015)

I was starting to wonder if Hollywood knew how to make a horror movie anymore. The last truly good horror movie that I saw was The Babadook, and that was very much an Australian movie. I was afraid that all of the original scripts had left the country so they could be made by independent film makers or national film boards in more socialist countries.

We start with an older woman and her husband moving into a new town. They are recovering from the loss of their adult son, and they hope that this change of geography will help the healing process. They quickly determine that they have a ghost with them in the new house, but the mother (played by Barbara Crampton, who is generally referred to as a Scream Queen based on her appearance in many a crappy horror movie) is sure that it is the ghost of their dead son come to protect them.

After a creepy visit from a local couple (Monte Markham and Susan Gibney) the new home owners find out that the home has a past where a couple and their daughter were driven out of town by the local townsfolk after it was discovered that they had been selling the bodies of the people they were supposed to be entombing to... someone. It doesn't really matter who it was, and they don't actually know.

So, they then get a visit from their dead son's best friend's parents. It appears they don't have any friends of their own, so they have attached themselves to this couple of... let's go with hippies. Larry Fessenden is the stoner husband and his wife (Lisa Marie) is an amateur medium. This comes in handy, as they have to deal with the ghost and the haunting and the creepy neighbors and such.

The thing about this movie is that the story is actually pretty complex, and it is told very, very well. The movie doesn't rush into anything, and that may lose too many people in the beginning. You need to stay a little longer, and you need to watch with a little more care. The fact that all of these actors are relative unknowns doesn't mean they can't deliver their characters well, because they pretty much all do. I find it hard to pick out one of them that doesn't get solidly into character.

Story was very good
Acting was great
Effects were very good
Direction was good
Editing was very good

Bottom Line: Fewer people will see this movie than really should. I'm not sure why other reviews haven't raved about this movie more, but they do it and their readers a disservice.



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