Goose Island Oktoberfest

Oktoberfests are interesting beasts in that they celebrate the difference between seasons very dramatically. They signal the end of the simple, sometimes watery, summer ales and the beginning of the heavy winter beers with their added berries and spices and whatnot.

The beer is a nice coppery color, and the head goes away faster than the head on a can of Coke. The aroma is very sweet to my nose with hops and either pumpkin or apricot giving a smoosh of fat, fibrous fruit or gourd twinge to the whole deal. I think I even smell cinnamon or some other spice tickling my nose.

First sip is unexpectedly fruity and also malty, but the heavy malt was totally expected. The beer has a taste that is darker than the color of the beverage. The tangerine adds all of the texture of the beer, and everything else just dances around it.

A more advanced drink reveals a tip-in of fig and toffee malt. Carbonation is pretty minimal.The middle becomes caustic. The carbonation starts to burn while an unknown acidity seems to attack all corners of the mouth. The finish gets a bit bitter and then stays that way while spices tingle to try and calm things down after that middle. This is definitely a sipping beer.

Bottom Line: Not the best example of the style, but far from the worst beer ever.



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