Jekyll Southern Session Blonde Ale

The first Jekyll beer impressed me. I have three different kinds that I picked up the other day, and I have to say that the whole prospect is looking pretty good right now. I haven't had too many Blondes that I have been particularly fond of, so I do have a hint of trepidation right now. Let's see what a sip brings me...

It's a very unappealing color of yellowy dirty dishwater. The head is not very solid, and it dissipates quickly. It leaves a very thin blanket across the top with no lacing on the sides at all. The aroma is quite nice. It's wheat blowing in the wind with a fruit orchard nearby. The smell from a nearby house of fresh baked bread contributes to the smell, and it's very nice to just sit back and enjoy.

First sip is earthy, hoppy, flowery, bready, and tarty. Is tarty a word? Well, it is a bit tart. It's not like a sour beer or anything, but it has a shade of tart being thrown at the flavors that give it a very unique taste. I'm betting a full swig might give me a proper understanding.

Tip-in is floral and oddly lemony. The middle arrives with a much more earth and grain to compliment the lowers that still bloom. The middle is mild and nice. As the finish comes on, the bitterness cloud crests the horizon. Nettles of bitterness and flowers and soil pound randomly around the mouth as if to cry about not being more enjoyable in general and then storming off in a huff. It leaves nothing but a jumbled mess in its wake.

Bottom Line: It's not the worst blonde I've ever had, but that doesn't make me enjoy the small victory.



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