Left Hand Sawtooth Nitro All American Ale

Left Hand Brewing produced a very good milk stout. They then tried to make it punchier by adding nitrogen to the mix. I then tried the Russian Imperial Milk Stout that they added nitrogen to. This is the nitrogen-added version of the Sawtooth Ale that I tried quite a while ago. I'm looking forward to seeing what the result is.

I had to actually try to get some head on the top of this beer. Often, I pour the way I was told beer should be poured (directly down the middle, not letting the bottle "burp") and I get a massive head that is even greater than the beer it floats atop. In this case, it was like there was nothing. I don't know if this is a consequence of putting nitrogen into the beer, but I can only expect that it is.

The color is a clear amber-shaded brown. The very, very minimal head is light tan and eventually settles into a thin cover with a thick ring around the sides of the glass. The aroma is exceptionally light. I think I smell grains in the rich malt, but it's very... distant.

First sip is smooth as all get-out. There's obviously no carbonation burn, so the whole thing goes down like it is a flavored glass of water. It's flavored with grains, bread, and something vaguely bitter, but the bitterness doesn't even come close to latching onto anything, as the very watery nature of the beverage just won't let it. It's not strong enough to take hold.

A proper swig may raise us from the mire. Tip-in is very mild, sweet malt with a bit of a nutty vibe to it. The middle is grainy - barley and wheat. Everything has just water rushing in underneath it all in a vast ocean of watered down something. The finish is slightly bitter, and then more bitter, with the slightest hint of coffee in it.

Bottom Line: It's not terrible. It's not great. Left Hand was capable of so much more.



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