Leinenkugels Harvest Patch Shandy

I have had a shandy before, all of the Leinenkugel beers have been very good, but pumpkin has been good and not good. My brother thinks that anything with pumpkin is the spawn of the devil, and I have certainly had bad experiences. On the whole, looking at the reviews I posted here, I have generally liked most of them, and that is something unexpected but welcome.

The murky beverage is an orange straw color. The white head is nice and thick, but it runs away faster than I would have expected. The only thing that remains is a ring around the edges of the glass and a one-bubble thick skim across the top. The aroma is pumpkin spice. There doesn't seem to be much else hiding in there.

First sip is a bit striking. Brown sugar and pumpkin pie - a very well spiced pumpkin pie - bedazzle the taste buds while a certain amount of water, clean and cool, bubbles underneath. The pumpkin pie tastes like it may still have a bit of the fibrousness of the outer pumpkin in it. A proper sip may give me a better idea of this shandy.

Tip-in is pumpkin and brown sugar sweetness. Carbonation isn't really much of a concern, but it tickles the tongue a bit. The middle gets a bit bready and the spice increases and becomes more complex. The finish has burned spices and possibly some cloves off on the horizon. The finish is particularly off-putting to me, especially considering how it lingers.

Bottom Line: Probably the best shandy I've ever had. It's still not that great.



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