The Pact (2012)

This movie is really the kind that makes me sad. It's a horror movie that doesn't really have a lot of horror. It tries, but I can't help but thinking that it might have been better done as an episode of Law and Order or CSI. Obviously, they would have to drop the blatantly supernatural stuff in this one, but the core of the story is about as complicated as TV episode's. This review is going to contain spoilers.

Caity Lotz and Agnes Bruckner play sisters whose mother recently died, and they have to pull the estate together. Agnes is the one with her stuff together and a young daughter waiting for her to come home. Caity is the hero of the story, and she's the loner who doesn't like to be tied down by attachments.

Agnes disappears almost immediately after the movie starts. She was in the home, she was videoconferencing with her daughter, and then her daughter asked her who was behind her and VOOM! she's gone. She leaves in her wake her sister, her daughter, and the sitter. The question is where did she go, and is she okay?

Well, that's not much of a question. This is especially true as Caity really doesn't make a lot of effort to figure out the answer. She might consider doing it, but she is distracted by an unseen force that whips her around the room and she runs away like a little baby.

It is at this point that Casper Van Dien enters as the policeman. He comments about the state of disarray that the house was in when deputies found it. He then says that she is the primary suspect in her sister's disappearance, so he of course lets he go back into the house, mess with stuff like a knife that is sticking out of the wall, and he doesn't really last all that long against the supernatural horror that is the house. After watching the rest of the movie, I don't really understand why, though.

Fast forward. ultimately, there's a ghost who wants vengeance against a guy who has been secretly living in the walls and crawlspace of the house where the sisters grew up. He's been living there the whole time, and he's a serial killer. So, is the spirit a force for good? If so, why does the spirit attack the wrong person? I watched the whole thing, and I still don't know.

Acting was okay
Direction was okay
Production quality was questionable
Story was not thought out well
Dialog was okay

Bottom Line: Not scary, not mysterious, but maybe a little thrilling. It's a Saturday afternoon movie on TV.



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