Z for Zachariah (2015)

The world is a desolate wasteland of radioactive terribleness, and everyone is dead. Well, not everyone. It seems there is one surviving valley in... somewhere in America where it gets cold. This is where we find the impressively lovely and Australian TOTALLY AMERICAN Margot Robbie. She plays a country girl who grew up as the daughter of a minister in this valley.

As far as I can tell, there are only four significant features of this picturesque valley: the farm (which includes farmhouse and church), the local store (which appears to have only serviced this farm at any point), the pond of fresh water that for some reason isn't radioactive, and the waterfall that is totally radioactive but doesn't link to the pond in any way.

Our leading lady has been here for an indeterminate amount of time, but she's been hunting and fishing and farming with the help of her dog, and she seems to be doing pretty well with it. Then she comes across a strangely outfitted man (Chiwetel Ejiofor in a protective suit) who appears to be either insane or delirious once he realizes that he's found an inhabitable location. Turns out, he's a scientist and a bit of an engineer who finally left his protective bunker in the hopes of finding a place just like this. Eventually, the two of them have some alcohol-induced romantic moments that never quite get past the almost-kissing stage.

Chiwetel says that he doesn't want to rush anything - they have lots of time. Alone, just the two of them in this world, they have lots of time with the future ahead of them in this peaceful valley and all of the food and shelter that it provides. The beautiful woman is his for the taking, and he wants to take his sweet time with her. And then, the unthinkable happens. Chris Pine. Chris Goddamn Pine. Not only is there now competition, but it's Chris Pine. All alone in the galaxy with this beautiful woman and what seems like a whole planet, and Captain Kirk saunters in to dazzle her with his pretty blue eyes and down-to-earth wholesomeness.

The movie is actually not half bad. It's a bit dull at times, and it's fairly predictable at others, but it is an interesting situation that is more complicated than first glance would seem to indicate. It has the feel of the apocalypse, but it's a lot less angsty than one with zombies or that god-awful The Road. It adds that to the three-way romance that you might expect from a regular chick movie. As with one of those, ultimately the woman seems flighty and capricious.

Acting was very good
Story was decent
Dialog was stilted
Production was excellent
Direction was good

Bottom Line: A movie a wife/girlfriend should really like, and the guy probably won't hate.



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