Dogfish Head Namaste

Dogfish Head beers have sat at the extremes on my blog. I had two that were excellent. I also had one that I didn't care for very much at all. So, they sit at about 66% success, and the successes have been fairly over-the-top. So, how does their white ale fair? Let's find out.

The slightly hazy, straw-colored beverage is unapologetic with the amount of head that it produces. The head is really puffy and it boils down to a .25 inch of ragged landscape across the top of the beer. The aroma is off-putting. It is very heavy on yeast, and then it has citrus backing it up with grass and grains and flowers all mixed in there.

First sip is grassy and yeasty and citrusy. The tastes are the same as the aroma, but they are in different quantities. The overall take-away from the sip is actually better than I had expected. I feared something like the Pistil Dandelion or the HiCu, but what I have is immensely better. I must swig.

Tip-in is carbonation burn and yeast. There's a bit of citrus kicking in, but the carbonation masks pretty much everything else. The middle arrives with little fanfare; more of what we got in the tip-in, but washed out with more water and more carbonation. The finish is where the meat of this beer is, and it gets very floral and the spices assert themselves alongside. The finish, I have to say, isn't all that great.

Bottom Line: It's rough around the edges, but a solid effort.



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