BrewDog Lost Lager Dry-Hopped Pilsner

Dry-hopped? Usually an IPA or a pale ale. Lager? Yes, that's a thing. Hell, the American-style lagers are pretty much the best selling beers in the world. Pilsner? Technically a type of lager, but it's distinct like a stout is distinct from an ale. So, I don't know where these guys are going, but I remember the truly fantastic Hazy Jane, and I'm along for the ride here. With an approachable ABV of 4.7%, I think I could ride this all night.

The beer looks like a classic pilsner. It's a pale gold that is a bit too rich in gold color to be confused with a Bud, but it might be confused with a Coors or something like that in a darker room. The head isn't really trying; it's not much to start with and leaves only a slight patch on top with no lacing. The aroma is lemons and grains without the slightest hint of the dry hopping I was promised on the can.

First sip is grainy with lemon zest, grasses, and some honey. I think there is citrus around the outsides, but the sip isn't like looking at the beer closely - it's looking at the beer through a telescope pointed at a microscope pointed in the general direction of the beer. There are lots of beers that are great in a sip and bad to drink and even more that are the reverse. I'm thinking this has depths I am not getting to.

Tip-in is lemons and grains with grasses lightly touching the tongue. The middle is a hint of citrus and pine added to the heavy grains and that light lemon that is more pervasive than you might expect. The finish is a cloud of bitterness descending on everything before the lemon, and ultimately the grass, waves goodbye in the trail-off.

Bottom Line: Not bad, but it's not exactly ground-breaking.



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