Rivertown Kontrola Pilsner

My first Rivertown beer was in the very early stages of this blog, so I would take the 2.5/5 rating with a grain of... barley? This one is from my brother, and I will enjoy it more, I'm sure. After all, this was hand-selected to fit my discerning tastes (okay, my try-and-try-again tastes) by someone who cared. I expect great things.

The very golden beer doesn't sport much of a head, and it consequently doesn't leave any lacing. The aroma is beer. I mean, this is what I traditionally think of as a beer smell. If you took the low-end American macro-brew lagers and mixed them with all the mid-range Canadian beers, you would wind up with almost this exact smell. It's light grain in a heavy, yeast-tinged malt with a whiff of hops. It's not bad that it smells like this, but I'm trying to give you, dear reader, the idea.

First sip is much more than I expected. The yeast is right out front with the grains and sweet, honey malt in tow. It's a deep beer that is filled with wishes and dreams. I know I already said it had sweet malt, but I can't express the honey smoothness and sweetness that it has after that yeast; it's more interesting than you may think.

Tip-in is orange rind followed up by the yeast while carbonation sizzles around it. The middle gets tightened with more yeast, thick grains, and a bit of hops; it's smooth right in the middle, but I get the sense of a slightly skunked beer (I check the date on the can, and this is pretty fresh). The finish is flowers and yeast with the grains flapping in the breeze.

Bottom Line: Good enough.



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