Moerlein Christkindl Winter Warmer Ale

One brother glues antlers to bottle and makes some genuinely entertaining bottles filled with entertaining beer. The other brother gives me cans filled with entertaining beer. Honestly, I appreciate them both equally. After all, I clearly like trying new beers, and these guys are contributing to the cause.

The deep ruby colored beer has very little head, and what it has goes away entirely. A few faint bubbles around the rim are all that remain, but that lets the aroma of spices above dark fruits and earth come through a bit better; chocolate and sweet malt are laying the groundwork for this effort.

First sip is solid; coffee, chocolate, spices, and a definite earth are all heavy-feeling tastes loading the beverage down. It's nice, but it's not smooth, dry, or otherwise easy to define. It's so stiff that the spices on top of it seem almost to belong to a different beverage. The earth and coffee and chocolate are really solid and deep while the spices are really light and airy; they're like a sprig of parsley on a plate with steak and fries - I never understood the point.

Tip-in is syrup texture with a light carbonation tingle and the coffee and chocolate with the spices intermingled. The middle increases the carbonation significantly as the earth mounds in the back of the mouth; the spices are dancing like nuts. The finish is dry and a bit bitter with the earth and coffee taking the reigns and then the spices trailing-off.

Bottom Line: Complex and definitely warm with alcohol.



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