Coors Light

A leftover from when my sister-in-law and brother-in-law visited, I figured I would go ahead and see what they found alluring in this mas produced light lager. The fact is, I haven't had one of these in many, many years, and it's possible that it's better than I remember. At the very least, it's paid for already, so that means it meets the requirements I had back then.

Yellow and headless, this beer is a combination of the worst traits of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman. The aroma is stronger than I expected with sweet malt, lemon, and bread. Did I say sweet? Because it's particularly sweet. I genuinely didn't expect anything from the beer, based on very distant experience with it, but I was WAY younger then, so my memory is just failing me.

First sip is very watery and sweet bread. The aftertaste is what strikes me most. I mean, the taste of the beer isn't terrible, but the aftertaste is a stinging mess of nettles curled into a ball and tossed at the back of the throat. It tastes like corn that has been boiled and left in the sun for a bit too long. It's less nice than I want. But, let's drink this beer like a real American!

Tip-in is sweet bread and rice. The middle positively scrapes the back of the throat with carbonation while giving absolutely no flavor. This is... not good. The finish comes to end things with lemon, the stinging nettles, slight sweetness, rice, and corn, and the trail seems to not end. I won't be finishing this beer.

Bottom Line: Beer aficionados have long lambasted this beer as a terrible take on a lager, and I have to agree.



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