BrewDog Hazy Jane New England Style IPA

Is New England the new West Coast IPA? They're very different beers, but I notice that my selection of beers has definitely swung that direction lately. I'm not complaining - New England-style IPAs are pretty darn good, but the West Coast style are also tasty. What a delightful conundrum to deal with.

The beer is very hazy just like the package promises, but I genuinely believe pretty much any random selection from Bearded Iris would be significantly hazier. The white head is admirably sticky, so we have quite a thick webwork of lacing on the sides. The aroma is mouth-wateringly citrus, and I don't even want to bother writing this review - I just want to drink it.

First sip is a joyous expression of citrus, bread, and happiness. It's sweet, tart, and a little bitter, and the flavors are mingled together like an artist with an impeccable eye has spent hours going back and fourth before finally applying color to canvas and painting a masterpiece at a stroke. I may be getting a little hyperbolic, but I'm thirsty.

Tip-in is carbonation tingle leading very watery orange and grapefruit with a little tangerine in the mix. The middle is more of a solid, full body suck on various citrus fruits and that bready backbone taunting the bitterness while allowing the tartness to come through. As the finish offers up its bittersweet tangerines, grapefruits, and mango, I find myself wondering why this six pack didn't cost more.

Bottom Line: Goddamn brilliant.



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