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Stone Pataskala Red IPA

Stone makes some incredible beers, and I expect this red that is infused with hops is going to be fantastic. Sometimes, just adding hops to a good beer is a terrible idea that results in a less-than-stellar drink, but Stone is the kind of company that can make this work!

The nice, cherry red beer sports a white head atop a rich, spicy hop mix with a very nice, sweet malt lingering underneath. In fact, not just underneath - it also has a crunchy, sweet layer floating on top of it. This is a really intriguing mix of hops and malt that makes me want to jump in and take a bath in this. Instead, I will be a rebel and just drink it.

First sip is very nice. It has the traditional red kind of subtle mildness, but it has more lurking somewhere in the end and possibly in the middle. It is a little bitter and hoppy, but it's not overwhelming. This is the hoppiest mild beer I may ever have had. The two things are normally in opposition, but it's all working out right now.

Tip-in is sweet m…

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde Belgian Style Triple Ale

Hot on the heels of the Megadeth-branded stablemate, this beer is clearly showing that the corporate vision for what bottling should look like is needlessly flourishy with the aluminum foil top and rather bland, plain topographical map of ... Belgium? Sideways France? Whatever ... in a circle on the label.

In good sunlight, this is orange-gold, but it is murky as the political process. The white head leaves a fairly thick, patchy cap that is pretty solid and reliable. The aroma was noticeable from the moment I started to pour - dusty malt, oranges, and bread simply spread out from the top of the beer as it is dumped into the glass.

First sip is orange and bread with an interestingly funky yeast and a very odd kind of dry trail-off. This is clearly a complicated beer, but I don't know that it would be all that bad to sip all day. With an ABV of 9%, that might be the best thing to do, but swigging is the way I do things, and I suspect it will result in a better overall score for thi…

Bearded Iris Chasing Rainbows IPA

The previous Bearded Iris beer was fantastic. I have every expectation that this one is going to be just as awesome, but they definitely need to change this label. Even as good as the first beer was, I found myself skipping this beer in my fridge just because I hated the look of the label. But, a label is on the outside, and it's what is on the inside that counts.

I've never encountered a beer that was the exact color and thickness of fruit juice before. This reminds me of the orange/banana juice that I used to have all the time. The aroma is suitably citrus hops, and it smells of the tartness that I expect to go along with that drink, but it could just be my mind tricking me. Hops should be bitter - not so much tart.

First sip is nothing like the aforementioned fruit juice. Instead, this thing is prickly like a floral and herb pancake served with a big glass of juice. There is more pineapple than any other citrus, but the citrus is still very front-and-center. I would say, th…

Mantra Bhang Bhang Double IPA

Mantra has been pretty consistently above average, from what I've found. Other than the fact that this is a double IPA, I don't know what to expect from this little gem. Any time I buy beer in a four or six pack, I am going in with blind hope that it will be pretty good, as I'll have to drink a lot more of it.

The murky amber beer has a nice head that, quite unfortunately, leaves pretty much no lacing. The aroma is orange peel hops and very little else, and they are bitter enough to almost sting the nose when smelling. Well, this is why I get paid the big bucks...

First sip is not as bitter as I expected - instead, the orange is a bit sweet and there is tangerine that is adding tart to the whole thing. While the sip is a bit too citrus for my taste, it is very, very drinkable. There's no real bite, just a citrus kind of slipping down the throat.

Tip-in is orange peel and tangerines with very light carbonation. The middle rolls in with soft grains waving in the wind und…

Sixpoint Global Warmer Red Ale

Another Sixpoint beer in a strange, energy drink-style can. So far, the results for this brewery have been mediocre at best. The beers have the proper look for each style, but the taste is just not punching with the big boys. Maybe that will change with this beer; reds are usually pretty safe and kind of scaled down, so this might be the subdued winner in the lot.

This red ale is... red. The white head is stickier than I would expect from this kind of beer, and that is totally acceptable. The hops are self-evident in the aroma along with a substantial malt. This is really not what I would expect from the average red ale, but I encourage big tastes wherever I can, and that includes this politically-charged beer.

First sip is pretty damn strong. It is very metallic and acidic with a heavy malt and hop mixture. Honestly, I don't know what to do with this taste - it seems excessive for a tiny little sip. I'm not sure if this will be a good drinking beer, but it's no sipping be…

Arrogant Brewing Southern Charred Double Bastard Ale

Is Arrogant Brewing just a division of Stone Brewing or something?
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Yes. Those arrogant bastards thought their Arrogant Bastard line was so good, they would spin it off into its own sub-brand. Well, that just confuses the hell out of me and (hopefully) the world enough that they should probably just re-absorb them back under Stone.

The beer is a really intriguing, opaque red/brown soup with a slightly tan head that isn't much to start, and it goes away to just a simple ring with an apparent dusting across the top. The aroma is bourbon and heavy malt. Are there other things? Yeah, probably, but those two smells are really punching me in the nose.

First sip is strangely heavy bourbon and malt with an overall effect of being very dry. I'm no wine drinker, but this HAS to be what those people mean when they say that a particular type of wine is dry. The bready malt is very meaty with the bourbon just layered on top of it like an overpowering elderberry jel…

East Nashville Young Hickory Smoked Porter

My second beer from this local brewery, and I am really looking forward to the stuff that they might be able to bring. A standard smokey porter is almost as far inside my wheelhouse of beloved beers as a solid IPA. So, they seem to be aiming at me with this, and I certainly expect that they'll hit.

The beer is so brown that it's black, and no light can penetrate the center with even a single photon. The head isn't much to start with, and it leaves a ghost of a ring around the edges to try to signify that this isn't just a Coke or other cola (what's the name of that other brand?) The aroma is, true to its name, charred and smokey oak with oats tossed in for good measure. It's a good smell, I have to say.

First sip is rich and dark, as you might expect. There is a lot more of a coffee taste than I was expecting. It is not so strong as others I've had lately, and I really think that taste is coming from the malt, which I can totally respect and look past (as o…

East Nashville Miro Miel Honey Blonde Ale

It's my understanding that this is a new brewery in east Nashville. Fortunately, my local distributor is very open to local brewers, so I get the chance to try some of them before they either get stunningly popular or fade away into nothingness.

The murky golden depths are uniformly colored, and the top white head covers the aroma of freshly kneaded bread dough with flour still hanging in the air around it. It has a little bit of citrus around the edges, but that dough is definitely bringing its "A" game. So long as the taste follows, this will be pretty good.

First sip is simple, but it has a bit of body to it. The dough is there, but it is more baked and has some grain to it. The citrus is also there, but light, and I am pretty sure I taste the honey. Let's dissect this together.

Tip-in is light carbonation tingle with a sweet honey-citrus glaze on a fresh piece of white bread. The middle gets a little harsh with a kind of carbonation and grain that hits the back o…