Arrogant Brewing Southern Charred Double Bastard Ale

Is Arrogant Brewing just a division of Stone Brewing or something?
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Yes. Those arrogant bastards thought their Arrogant Bastard line was so good, they would spin it off into its own sub-brand. Well, that just confuses the hell out of me and (hopefully) the world enough that they should probably just re-absorb them back under Stone.

The beer is a really intriguing, opaque red/brown soup with a slightly tan head that isn't much to start, and it goes away to just a simple ring with an apparent dusting across the top. The aroma is bourbon and heavy malt. Are there other things? Yeah, probably, but those two smells are really punching me in the nose.

First sip is strangely heavy bourbon and malt with an overall effect of being very dry. I'm no wine drinker, but this HAS to be what those people mean when they say that a particular type of wine is dry. The bready malt is very meaty with the bourbon just layered on top of it like an overpowering elderberry jelly. This clearly needs a swig.

Tip-in is extremely light carbonation tingle, bourbon, and oak. There are dark fruits starting to peek through right at first. The middle comes with an earth underneath and the malt rising to try to meet the bourbon and alcohol, but the bourbon is still riding high. The finish is an oak bourbon bread bowl with a bit of tartness in the trail off.

Bottom Line: It's heavy and intimidating, but it manages to be drinkable.



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