Stone Pataskala Red IPA

Stone makes some incredible beers, and I expect this red that is infused with hops is going to be fantastic. Sometimes, just adding hops to a good beer is a terrible idea that results in a less-than-stellar drink, but Stone is the kind of company that can make this work!

The nice, cherry red beer sports a white head atop a rich, spicy hop mix with a very nice, sweet malt lingering underneath. In fact, not just underneath - it also has a crunchy, sweet layer floating on top of it. This is a really intriguing mix of hops and malt that makes me want to jump in and take a bath in this. Instead, I will be a rebel and just drink it.

First sip is very nice. It has the traditional red kind of subtle mildness, but it has more lurking somewhere in the end and possibly in the middle. It is a little bitter and hoppy, but it's not overwhelming. This is the hoppiest mild beer I may ever have had. The two things are normally in opposition, but it's all working out right now.

Tip-in is sweet malt, a bit of cherrywood, carbonation tingle all over, and even a little bit of smoke. The middle is thick bready malt with hops lining the crust. The finish comes with a bite of bitterness and then the sweet malt turns to biscuits and keeps just enough of the hops to make things even better.

Bottom Line: Stone has a reputation. That reputation of good beer lives on.


Frogman's Foxhole: 👍


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