Mantra Bhang Bhang Double IPA

Mantra has been pretty consistently above average, from what I've found. Other than the fact that this is a double IPA, I don't know what to expect from this little gem. Any time I buy beer in a four or six pack, I am going in with blind hope that it will be pretty good, as I'll have to drink a lot more of it.

The murky amber beer has a nice head that, quite unfortunately, leaves pretty much no lacing. The aroma is orange peel hops and very little else, and they are bitter enough to almost sting the nose when smelling. Well, this is why I get paid the big bucks...

First sip is not as bitter as I expected - instead, the orange is a bit sweet and there is tangerine that is adding tart to the whole thing. While the sip is a bit too citrus for my taste, it is very, very drinkable. There's no real bite, just a citrus kind of slipping down the throat.

Tip-in is orange peel and tangerines with very light carbonation. The middle rolls in with soft grains waving in the wind under the citrus dance that continues to happen over top of everything else. The finish hold the tart and even a little hoppy bitterness that translates into the trail-off as well.

Bottom Line: Drinkable, but nothing extremely special.



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