East Nashville Miro Miel Honey Blonde Ale

It's my understanding that this is a new brewery in east Nashville. Fortunately, my local distributor is very open to local brewers, so I get the chance to try some of them before they either get stunningly popular or fade away into nothingness.

The murky golden depths are uniformly colored, and the top white head covers the aroma of freshly kneaded bread dough with flour still hanging in the air around it. It has a little bit of citrus around the edges, but that dough is definitely bringing its "A" game. So long as the taste follows, this will be pretty good.

First sip is simple, but it has a bit of body to it. The dough is there, but it is more baked and has some grain to it. The citrus is also there, but light, and I am pretty sure I taste the honey. Let's dissect this together.

Tip-in is light carbonation tingle with a sweet honey-citrus glaze on a fresh piece of white bread. The middle gets a little harsh with a kind of carbonation and grain that hits the back of the throat and rubs the wrong way as the citrus does little to help matters underneath it all. The finish is a tart citrus with more citrus and honey trailing off.

Bottom Line: Not the worst start with a new brewery, but they need to get their legs under them a bit.



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