Lost Coast "Fogcutter" Double IPA

Five years ago I had a review of a Lost Coast beer. It's hard to believe that I've been doing this blog for five years and still don't have any ads on it. I mean, how much money am I throwing away with my *looks at visitor numbers* dozen or so loyal readers? There has to be some way to monetize this better. I'll think about it while I drink this beer.

The halfway hazy orange-gold beer has a very nice, sticky head that leaves some veins of lacing on the sides, and that's plenty. The aroma is floral right up front with a sweet, tangy malt lurking behind it that has been lovingly soaked in a citrus blend.

First sip is less on the smooth side, not exactly crisp, and I'm not sure what category is should fall into. It's kind of a muddled mess of flowers, bread, tartness, and a haze of confusion with citrus, more (other) flowers, and a load of spices or something that is just ruining the taste. The swig shall resolve this.

Tip-in is mild carbonation sizzle with sweet, dusty malt with a twinge of tartness to it as the flowers collect themselves for an oncoming onslaught. The middle is stinging in the back of the throat with the carbonation bypassing everything and heading for one spot while the beer itself is a pretty good bread malt with citrus and flowers just drizzled around it. The finish is more muted and tame when compared to the rest of the gulp, and it is much better for it - as is the beer.

Bottom Line: It's a mixed bag, and the finish pulls it out.



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