Lost Coast "Eight-Ball" Stout

I have a fear that this will be an imperial stout. I've never been a fan of imperial stouts, but I can't tell what kind this one is yet. Even if it is an imperial stout, it could very well be a good one - I don't want to judge before I've even tried it, that's for sure.

She's dark with reddish tones to her. The thick head is sticking very well to the sides. Lacing is very noticeable as the drink goes down. The aroma is strong enough to smell from three feet away while I sit here typing this. It smells of chocolate, barely, oatmeal, and some burned malt.So, it's an oatmeal stout - that is a good sign to start with.

First sip seems pretty good. It's not overflowing with flavor, but it is nice in a mellow sort of way. It is sweet, and I can definitely taste the oatmeal there, and the rest of it is kind of smooshed together in a bit of a watered down cocktail of beer essence. I'm not too disappointed, as I expect this to get better when I drink in a big quaff. So, let's see how it goes.

Tip-in is a tingle from the carbonation and a bit of sweetness from the malt and a bit of nuttiness. As the drink starts to go down, the chocolate, coffee, and oatmeal vie for supremacy, and the taste is quite enjoyable. As the finish starts, carbonation hits the back of the tongue with an unexpected harshness. there is a bitterness that comes with it, and that takes a bit to subside. When it does, a sweet taste remains on the lips.

Bottom Line: It's a pretty good beer. Not fantastic, but a very solid beer.



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