Bearded Iris Forecast Mexican Style Lager

Let's get this clear right off the bat: I don't normally add any citrus or whatever else may traditionally or anecdotally be added to a particular kind of beer. When I did my review of Shock Top, Blue Moon, and a few others, I did not add an orange or lemon or whatever the particular tradition was for that beer. That was because it wasn't actually written on the can or bottle. This one explicitly states that you should add a lime, so that's what I'm doing. I'm still against the idea of adding an external citrus to a beer that should be controlled by the hops, but I will follow instructions.

The beer is already a vaguely green-tinted yellow with a whole heaping of bits floating around all up and down the beer; these bits are not bothering to settle on the bottom. The head is pretty aggressive, but it's certainly manageable in its white yet foamy state. First sip is unsurprisingly lime with other citrus flavors tossed into the mix. While I don't condone adding lime to most beers, I can certainly see the appeal. (Why can Bud Light Lime successfully add lime to the beer at the factory, but other brewers can't?)

First sip certainly has the lime in it, but then it has a intriguing malt added to it that is kind of bready and kind of crackery. I've had a few other Mexican lagers in the past, but this one seems to have more meat to the beer itself. I bet the beer could stand alone without the added lime, but the lime is adding a depth that I suspect the hops would not normally cover. This is probably why we wind up with hop-heavy lagers.

Tip-in is sweet and a little tart with the lime joining lemon, grapefruit, and also being backed up by the very mild cornmeal malt. The middle is more of a traditional Mexican lager and it gets a little watery while the cornbread malt pretty much dominates over everything - even the intense lime. The finish is dry, even with the pronounced lime and other citrus fruits throwing themselves at the taste buds. The distinct taste of lime juice coating the lips covers over any kind of trail off.

Bottom Line: Possibly one of the best Mexican-style lagers, but that's damning with faint praise.



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