Shock Top Belgian White

Yes, I got a sampler pack, and that explains why I have another Shock Top beverage.

And yes, this is another wheat ale, and I've indicated a general distaste for wheat ales. This is not to say that I've never enjoyed one, but they are few and far between. I remember a really small brewpub right off the main roundabout in downtown Gettysburg that produced one called, "The Wheat Field," after the area of the nearby battlefield. It was particularly good. In fact, I tried every beer they made, and each and every one was a treat. Unfortunately, the guys who ran it treated it like a hobby, and it must have been too much work, so they closed. When I went there and found that they closed, I wept at their doorstep.

But you're not here to read my ramblings about the remembrances of good beers. You are here, presumably, because you found my link and decided to be nice enough to follow it. Be proud, as you are in the vast minority out here on the internet. Think of this site as a nice little pub that nobody knows about and there is a drunk guy complaining about movies he's seen and beers he's had. Out of politeness, you stick around to listen.

Wait - beer. So, this is like sucking beer through a straw made out of an orange. I like oranges, and I like beer, but I'm not sure I need them combined in the same bottle for me. What's more, I've seen this beverage served with an orange wedge shoved in it. So, it must not be orangey enough for some people, but I don't share taste buds with them.

I thought it was odd that the bottle gives instructions on pouring; most beer is pretty straight-forward about such things, but Shock Top wants you to know that you should pour into a tilted glass until the last half inch, and then you swirl and pour the remaining drink. They claim it will help distribute the "spices" to give an even taste. Evenness isn't my problem here.

So, let's assume you want a certain amount of orange added to your beer. Well, this isn't that bad. It doesn't really have a strong taste in general, so it's an easy drinking beer. It goes down pretty readily, and it mellows as it warms. In fact, the orange becomes less prominent as it warms, and it actually becomes a pretty decent beer. I could see ordering it in a bar when choices are limited.



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