Bud Light Lime

Given the last experience with the best that Budweiser has to offer, you may ask why I'm even bothering with this one. Well, a guy I encountered recently could not stop talking about the awesomeness of this beer, and I had purchased him a 12-pack. He gave me one to review, and I am dutifully reviewing it now.

The beer is pale yellow with pretty much no head to speak of - why pretend to be a real beer at all? The very light aroma is citrus and malt, which is pretty much exactly what I would expect. I can't describe the amount of apprehension I have before I even take the first sip, but I'm doing this for science, dammit!

First sip is pretty damn lousy. I think the lime is successfully covering up most of the bad taste of the original Bud Light, but that doesn't mean all of it's covered, and the lime is pretty much playing the part of the lime in a Corona - masking the bad things while trying to bring out the good. Unfortunately, I wanted a beer - not a lime drink.

Tip-in is light carbonation burn with sweet malt, lime, and water. The middle is like water that has had lime peel soaking in it overnight. It's almost tasteless and very forgettable. The finish is a rough and tart carbonation burn and acidic nastiness. Trail-off is lime with assorted rice and grain yuck.

Bottom Line: Try to hide a crappy beer behind a lime, and it will still not do a whole lot of good.



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