Blue Moon Belgian White

I'm just... I mean... Really. Really, I'm trying not to make fun of their names. It's just that they put them out there like a big shaved scrotum. When you go to a bar, and they say they have "Blue Moon" on tap, this is the beer that they mean. After all, they don't want to say that they have Coors Brewing Blue Moon Brewing Company's Blue Moon Belgian Ale Belgian-Style Wheat Ale.

The beer pours with a thin head that dissipates completely. I mean - it's gone. It's a cloudy straw color that is light but nearly opaque; once the head is gone, the effect is an unfortunate glass of very dirty dishwater. It has the familiar lemony aroma of a Belgian wheat. The aroma is strong - with the gentle AC breeze sending the sweet smell over from the table beside me. It gives me the occasional smile as I anticipate a nice beverage.

I dare take a quick sip. It's appropriate that I used the word "sweet" when referring to the aroma, as the taste is grainy, but it has a significant amount of sweetness from the malt. It's got hints of lemon - well, more than hints, really. It's common for bars to server a wheat ale with a slice of lemon or orange, and this absolutely doesn't need that. Any more citrus is too much.

Time to take a big draught. Oh, that's good. It gets really smooth right in the middle of the draught, and the grain taste is really mellowed out. the citrus hits at the tail end, right after the sweet taste. I recommend drinking this beer in big gulps. No, I'm not suggesting everyone go out and get drunk on it; I'm telling you that it tastes pretty good when sipped, but it tastes better when you drink like an Irishman*.

I can't say I've been significantly disappointed by any of the Blue Moon beers, aside from the names. All told, the sampler pack I went through has opened my eyes to the variety that they have to offer. It's nice to see that they branch out and are successful in doing so.


* I was once told that an Irishman drinks a pint in 3-4 draughts while an American drinks the same in seven or eight.


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