Prairie Artisan Deconstructed Bomb "M" Imperial Stout

Prairie Artisan and I have a very simple relationship - they make beer and I try the beer. Most of the time, I have disliked their hipster-centric ethos and "artistic" interpretation of how beer is made. However, Jeremy (the proprietor of City Sliquors) convinced me to pay actual money for this beer and the other Deconstructed Bomb beer. The last one wasn't the worst ever, but I had a KBS after it, and the KBS just worked in all the ways the Bomb didn't. Let's try this sucker out.

The very deep brown beer has a cap of brown suds that leave not a bit of lacing as it recedes so darn quickly. The aroma of sweet chocolate, oak, and syrup emanates pretty wildly from the top of the nearly naked beer. It's rich and full of alcohol. Yes, the aroma is full of alcohol. I said it - come at me, bro!

First sip is a LOT more coffee than I expected. It shouldn't be surprising, as these people slip coffee into beer without warning anyone, and I hate them for it. I don't hate the company - I hate the people who made the beer. Personally. Anyway, it has coffee and stuff in there with it, but I can taste mostly coffee.

Tip-in is syrup texture with light smoke and a bitterness that is very strange, but it's mixed with brown sugar that has been seared with some oats. The middle is bitter chocolate, vanilla, more smoke, more bitterness, and oak. The finish is coffee, bitterness, and hatred.

Bottom Line: #NeverForget #NeverAgain



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