Prairie Artisan Christmas Bomb Imperial Stout

Another small brewery here. I picked up three from this brewer, so I will have a second one come along pretty soon after this one is published. The beer in front of me just says that it is a Christmas imperial stout brewed with spices, so I expect this may be something like other seasonal heavy beers that I've had that all bring a unique character to the mix.

The inky black beer is brown at the edges with a dark tan head. The aroma is thick coffee... WTF? It says it's an imperial stout "brewed with spices!" It does not say anywhere on it that they decided to spoil a perfectly good beer by adding coffee to it. I'm not happy. I have avoided buying coffee beers where possible, and this one doesn't say what it is on the bottle, you hipster-beer-slinging assholes!

First sip is unacceptable. You know what? I'm not even going to bother doing the rest of this goddamn review. You worthless sons of bitches! What possessed you to put out a bottle of so-called beer and not to bother putting on the label what the overriding flavor indicator was? Is it some self-important decision that only people who were "in the know" would get the wink and knowing glance to understand what they had in store for them? Was it that you figured anyone who didn't like the beer they paid good money for could just piss off?

Bottom Line: I hope the people who own the brewery go bankrupt.



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