Uinta Birthday Suit Sour Cherry Blonde Ale

The nature of my relationship with beer is that I don't like sour beers. I really enjoyed the surge of hipster hop-heavy beers, as it aligned with my likes. The fact that the hipsters have moved on to sour beers means that our relationship is at an end. This doesn't mean my relationship with Uinta is ended, though, so I figured I'd just try it out.

This is a pretty beer. The presentation is certainly helped by the tall glass that was part of the set the wife bought for me. The color is more interesting than normal - it goes from yellow-gold at the bottom to a slight red tint at the top. The head is fleeting, but it keeps getting fed by a very carbonation-heavy beer underneath. The aroma is sour cherries; it's the let down in an otherwise good presentation.

First sip is sour nonsense with a heavy bread backing. It's got a dry tartness to go with the sour, but this is exactly what I'm not looking for in a beer (this side of coffee). It was a mistake to buy this.

Tip-in is sour slathered on top of wheat grains. The middle is a little better with cherry peeking out from behind the still miserably present sourness. The finish is dry bitterness adding to the sour.

Bottom Line: Seriously. Stop making sour beers.



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