Prairie Artisan Deconstructed Bomb "B" Imperial Stout

I blame Jeremy for this beer and the next one. I didn't want to try another Prairie Artisan beer after the crapfest that have been their beers so far, but he assures me that these will be much different than the others, and I rely on his expertise in these matters. So, I am willing to let them rescue their reputation.

The very dark brown beer has a dark brown head that is pretty thin and dissipates very quickly. The aroma is very heavy alcohol, wood, and vanilla on top of what seems to be a smoky chocolate malt. The alcohol in this beer is 11.8% ABV, and that is quite high, but not all beers that have that high (or higher) alcohol content reek of alcohol like this one does.

First sip is not bad. It's heavy with the alcohol and there is definitely some smoke and chocolate malt mixed with vanilla and oak. It reminds me a bit of the Goose Island version of this beer, but it comes off as a bit more stolid than the Goose beer.

Tip-in is syrup sweet with oak and chocolate being backed with earth - think dark and foreboding. The middle continues the syrup theme with a smooth, thick slosh of alcohol-heavy wood, chocolate, and smoke while a strange, bright vanilla and carbonation mix scrape at the back of the throat. The finish turns bitter with the chocolate being joined by some coffee and very light black licorice.

Bottom Line: Not without merit.



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