Ole Smoky Blue Flame Moonshine

From what I understand from the shelf tags and stuff that I saw for this moonshine, Ole Smoky basically just said, "We're through screwing around - we're ramping up the alcohol to what moonshine should be. I hope you enjoyed the flavored drinks with a little alcohol added, but moonshine was designed for getting people messed up. You need to get used to something more aggro."

First things first - the beverage is blue in the jar, but it's such a light blue that the glass reads as pretty much clear. What does this mean? This means that - unlike the other Ole Smoky shines I've tried - this one is presented in a tinted jar. The fluid is clear, but they didn't want people to mistake it for White Lightning, so they shaded it. I'm not particularly happy about this - I feel like I've been duped. For the love of all that's holy, just add some damn food coloring. The aroma is the usual kind of lighter fluid smell, but it's sweeter and... maybe corn?

First sip is straight burn on the lips and heat all the way down. Yes, it's more lighter fluid stuff that you would get from the White Lightning, but it may have a bit more taste than that. There is definitely some serious corn going on in the mix, but the solid acetone/lighter fluid is the big thing. I'm going to go away and sip a bunch, and I'll come back for the next paragraph.

I'm back. I've decided.

Bottom Line: Yup, this is pretty much the same as the White Lightning. Can't recommend.



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