New Heights "Damguday IV" New England Style IPA

From Nashville, TN comes this "Specialty Batch No. 1" beer. I point this out as this is - my Roman numerals are a little rusty - the FOURTH of the Damguday beers. So, were the other three not a specialty batch? Why is this specialty? What's with all the numbers? Is this some sign from the Illuminati? Let's see what the powerful underlords drink:

The hazy, honey colored beer has a very sticky head that would make me think of a Belgian ale or a bog-standard IPA. But this is a New England IPA, and I have not seen this much lacing from one of these before; I hope it's a trend. The aroma is not unpleasant with its colorful citrus, but it has something more acidic than that in there with it, and it's almost acetone.

First sip dispels fears. It's a very rich and sweet citrus blend with a crusty malt backing it up with an almost oatmeal-like quality. There is bitterness on the back-end, but the sweetness of the fruit is counter to anything I expected. It's not unwelcome, and I want to guzzle this thing.

Tip-in is bread malt with that thick crust and the citrus juices flowing right on through. Oranges, papaya, grapefruit, and tangerine dazzle the mouth with both tartness and sweetness. The middle goes into almost nothing but the delightful citrus and tropical fruit blend. The finish is a hit of bitterness with spices and maybe even some pine peeking through.

Bottom Line: Possibly the best New England IPA yet.



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