Revolution Anti-Hero IPA

I don't know who this Chicago brewery is trying to revolt against, but the picture on the can has a raised fist reminiscent of any number of socialist revolutions. And then there is a hop with a general's military uniform (and an eye patch). So, I'm guessing more than one Che Guevara t-shirt is on display in the brewery.

The honey colored beer has a very healthy head that leaves a spattering of lacing on the sides of the glass that I can only describe as very pretty. The aroma is musty pine and citrus hops with a sweet bread malt lingering under it, waiting for the unwitting capitalist dog.

First sip is hops of the citrus and pine variety with that malt doing a good enough job of smoothing out the bitterness, but there's no way of getting away from the bitter hops as the main ingredient. There is a tartness to go with the bitterness, and the musty overtones are really odd and counter the malt quite a bit.

Tip-in is wheat bread malt with the citrus and pine jumping up and down on top of it. The malt, however, carries sweetness right here at the beginning. The middle is a swelling bitterness as the citrus takes hold and smooths out the world around it - pine and the malt turning slightly caramel. The finish is a flash of bitterness with a tart and bitter trail-off that has sparkling citrus and pine along the sides.

Bottom Line: It is good, and a little warmth makes it even better.



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