FireFly Moonshine - White Lightning

I have suggested in the past that beer companies should not venture into different, more flamboyant styles with lots of new and imaginative stuff added until they master the basics of making a good ale and a good lager (possibly just one or the other). Likewise, I have been told, it is important to try a moonshine before it is sullied by added flavoring. I have already had the FireFly Apple Pie, and I definitely found it to my liking, so I'm falling back to the basics to try their White Lightening. I'm anticipating a strong, burning sensation with little taste - like the strawberry S'loonshine without that god-awful strawberry added.

The color is simple and clear. It could be confused with water if it weren't for the aroma and the kind of greasy texture. The aroma is harsh - it stings the nose pretty solidly, and the sense is of lighter fluid mixed with gasoline. I'm thinking that I am probably not going to be a fan of straight moonshine, as it is well documented on this site that I don't particularly care for strong liquor. 

First sip is like setting fire to my tongue. It burns from the first, and it burns the rest of the way down. I seriously tried a tiny little sip and found the burning going the whole way down to my stomach. It's pretty clear that I don't like moonshine - who drinks this stuff on purpose? I can understand that moonshine was a fast way to get drunk when whiskey wasn't an option, but go get some whiskey and be done with it. 

A second sip reassures me that this won't be getting better. I'm done with this. It isn't even a drink - it's a paint thinner. This is unfit for human consumption. Why the... what the.... I just can't believe anyone thought this was a good idea.



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