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Green Flash Palate Wrecker Imperial IPA

This is actually my third Green Flash beer. The first one was skunked and terrible to the point that I tried to take it back to the distributor that I had at the time, and they gave me a hassle, and I have not been back since. The second one wasn't great, but even good breweries get one off every now and then. Let's see where the IPA leads us...

The mostly clear copper colored beer has a white-ish head that has just a hint of tan in it. My cousin Paul once had a well thought out post on how color isn't color, so I'm not going to quibble about this - let's say this is light sandstone tan. The aroma is a caramel and floral hops that is effervescent in spite of the settled head; I'm intrigued.

First sip is rich and floral. It has grains and bitterness backing it, but the bitterness is being cut down by the caramel in the hops which carry their sweetness with them. It's a good enough start, but it seems a little harsh and untamed. Let's tame it.

Tip-in is c…

Huyghe Deliria Blonde Belgian Ale

So far, the beers from Huyghe have been either outstanding or spectacular. This is a special brew that was only brewed by women. Now, I have no idea how many men were involved in the previous beers, and I genuinely don't care - the beers were very good. Presumably, the women involved in the brewing of this beer have been involved in the other two, so I have no reason to doubt the impending awesomeness.

What a blonde with its hazy, straw yellow color and stark white head. The head dissipates completely with time, and there are streams of bubbles coming from unseen points of nucleation somewhere in the middle of the bottom of the glass. The aroma is strangely a kind of grape and honey wine, with mandarin oranges spicing things up.

First sip is heavy citrus - and I mean heavy. I am not referring to intensity, but the perceived weight of the fruits involved. We're not talking about fruit juice, but rather we're looking at the meat of the fruit with all the fibers and pits and …

Blackberry Farm Screaming Cock Pale Ale

Another of my brewery firsts, this is a simple pale ale from Blackberry Farm Brewery (or BFB as they call themselves sometimes). I had someone recently make a derogatory comment about beer in cans, and I generally agree that beer is better out of glass bottles, but I've found quite a few beers that were only sold in cans, and many were pretty good, so I try not to judge anymore.

The yellow gold beer cascades like an upside down whitewater section of a river. Okay, maybe not quite that much, but a lot. The good head is sticky, which is surprising considering the large size of the bubbles, but I'll go with what works. The aroma is that of tropical fruits, lemongrass (which I can't say I'm fond of), and a lightly toasted malt.

First sip is a bit watery at first, but it builds with a lot more malt than I expected and the grapefruit kind of bobbles on top with a bit of pine and even a touch of honey. For something called Screaming Cock, it's actually pretty crisp and fa…

Bearded Iris Attention Please Double IPA

The Bearded Iris Brewing Company has been pretty much all over the place so far. Being a small brewery, and being from my current hometown, I give them the full benefit of the doubt that they are capable of making more than just the one outstanding beer. I have had a few Double IPAs lately, and I have really liked this style of beer - it may be my new favorite.

The cloudy orange beverage starts with a nice inch of head that leaves an uneven, yet not insignificant pile, of bubbles on top. The aroma is positively overpowering with its citrus and yeast. I swear I can smell it three feet away, and that isn't a bad thing at all. The smell is sweet and enticing to the point that I'm just going to go ahead and have a sip.

First sip is much more malt than the aroma made me think was on tap. It's sweet (I guess that's where the sweet smell was coming from) and the hops are lending their citrus flavor to the beer while the yeast is pronounced and slightly sour. The effect is act…

Wiseacre Rockets in the Complex Imperial Brown Ale

Wiseacre and I have met before, and I'm usually very happy with the results. I've given them crap for their fairly lousy labels, but this one is pretty clearly the best so far - it's easy to read, calm colors, and it even has drawings that have something to do with the name, so we're progressing!

The beer is a deep rusty brown with a slight head that goes almost completely away very quickly. The aroma is light, so I'm not getting much from it. I think I smell chocolate and maybe a little coffee. I genuinely can't be sure of the smell, as it is so minute.

First sip is mild, yet sweet. It has light chocolate and nuts with gentle grains. The taste is so light that I think I could sip it all day and... really not have a good idea of what it really tastes like. So, I swig.

Tip-in is carbonation burn with nuts and very light chocolate as the taste. The middle is even more muted with grains and light caramel joining the still very light chocolate. The finish is a slig…

Sweetwater Dank Tank Wookie Down Imperial Red Ale

This is another beer with the word "dank" on it. I read up on what that is supposed to signify, and I am not seeing anything that has to do with any aspect of beer. Instead, it appears to have a lot to do with cannabis. This particular can actually says that it was brewed for "420 Fest" which I assume has to do with the popular Sweetwater beer of that name and not necessarily of the marijuana enthusiasts' battle cry, but I could be wrong.

This beer is red, but it is a really, really deep red. It's not the "ruby red" that some black beer like Guinness is, as this is clearly red, but it is like arterial blood red. The very full and puffy head leaves a fair amount of Jackson Pollock-like lacing on the sides of the glass before forming pillows of foam floating on the top of the beer. The aroma is fairly mild, but I get grainy malt and citrus hops, which is nice.

First sip is significantly stronger than I had anticipated. It is sweet caramel and toffee…

Bearded Iris Red Handed Double IPA

Bearded Iris is a local Nashville brewery who has really impressed me. All their beers are thick and murky like juice, but they have an undeniable delicious uniqueness about them that sets them apart from the others. Mind you, they haven't been as good as, for example, Lagunitas, but they have been entertaining to say the least.

This one looks very similar to the others from the same stable - a thick, cloudy, juice-like appearance with a white top. The head boils away to a very thin layer on top with that ring around the rim that pretty much every beer gets (assuming it has ANY head at all). The aroma is tropical fruit, pine, and light crusty bread.

First sip is very strong. It's harsh in the way it treats the tongue and mouth with a strong, acidic juice and a scrape of the pine across the tongue. It's still citrus and tropical fruits, but this kind of jab with acid is definitely ruling this out for just sipping. Maybe gulping is the key.

Tip-in is hard carbonation burn wi…

Stone-Maine Dayslayer India Pale Lager

Stone. These people are just downright good. Maine, however, I have not a single experience with. But, if Stone decided to crew something off someone else's label, it really has to be a great beer. Am I setting myself up for disappointment? Possibly, but I'm going to jump in, either way.

The bright, clear gold beverage has a good enough head that dissipates to a ring and splotchy covering on the top. So, it comes off as a generic macro brew except for the stick-to-it-ive-ness of the bubble top. The aroma is more yeasty and floral than your average lager, and the pure wort smell that I normally detect in a solid German-style lager is lingering under it all.

First sip is bready, floral, and almost buttery. Along with that is a grapefruit citrus that really helps everything stay mellow while it is flavorful; I am not getting any of the bite or even a funk off of this beer. This is well balanced for the flavor that it is presenting - no bite is impressive.

Tip-in is bread, grapefr…