Bearded Iris Attention Please Double IPA

The Bearded Iris Brewing Company has been pretty much all over the place so far. Being a small brewery, and being from my current hometown, I give them the full benefit of the doubt that they are capable of making more than just the one outstanding beer. I have had a few Double IPAs lately, and I have really liked this style of beer - it may be my new favorite.

The cloudy orange beverage starts with a nice inch of head that leaves an uneven, yet not insignificant pile, of bubbles on top. The aroma is positively overpowering with its citrus and yeast. I swear I can smell it three feet away, and that isn't a bad thing at all. The smell is sweet and enticing to the point that I'm just going to go ahead and have a sip.

First sip is much more malt than the aroma made me think was on tap. It's sweet (I guess that's where the sweet smell was coming from) and the hops are lending their citrus flavor to the beer while the yeast is pronounced and slightly sour. The effect is actually a pretty good sipping beer.

Tip-in is bready malt and a highlight of citrus. The middle is a nice blend of the citrus' acidic nature on top, at the roof of the mouth, and the meat of the fruit with the thick slices of bread along the tongue. The middle is nice and solid - not some watery mess, that's for sure. The finish is a little sour and a little bitter at the end as if the peel of the orange had been tossed in with the rest.

Bottom Line: Another hit from the Nashville brewery! That's a beer I would gladly have again and again.



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