Green Flash Palate Wrecker Imperial IPA

This is actually my third Green Flash beer. The first one was skunked and terrible to the point that I tried to take it back to the distributor that I had at the time, and they gave me a hassle, and I have not been back since. The second one wasn't great, but even good breweries get one off every now and then. Let's see where the IPA leads us...

The mostly clear copper colored beer has a white-ish head that has just a hint of tan in it. My cousin Paul once had a well thought out post on how color isn't color, so I'm not going to quibble about this - let's say this is light sandstone tan. The aroma is a caramel and floral hops that is effervescent in spite of the settled head; I'm intrigued.

First sip is rich and floral. It has grains and bitterness backing it, but the bitterness is being cut down by the caramel in the hops which carry their sweetness with them. It's a good enough start, but it seems a little harsh and untamed. Let's tame it.

Tip-in is carbonation smoldering burn with the odd sweetness, caramel, and grains with sweetness. The middle opens into spices and rough grainy bread with floral and pine just jumping around, slapping everyone on the back without really knowing why it is in such a good mood. The finish is very off-putting with the bitterness and pine just doing way too much and dumping out all the stuff in the glove box, looking for a flashlight that isn't even there... for crying out loud! Leave the tire pressure gauge in there!

Bottom Line: Not great. Not terrible. But less great than terrible.



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