Wiseacre Rockets in the Complex Imperial Brown Ale

Wiseacre and I have met before, and I'm usually very happy with the results. I've given them crap for their fairly lousy labels, but this one is pretty clearly the best so far - it's easy to read, calm colors, and it even has drawings that have something to do with the name, so we're progressing!

The beer is a deep rusty brown with a slight head that goes almost completely away very quickly. The aroma is light, so I'm not getting much from it. I think I smell chocolate and maybe a little coffee. I genuinely can't be sure of the smell, as it is so minute.

First sip is mild, yet sweet. It has light chocolate and nuts with gentle grains. The taste is so light that I think I could sip it all day and... really not have a good idea of what it really tastes like. So, I swig.

Tip-in is carbonation burn with nuts and very light chocolate as the taste. The middle is even more muted with grains and light caramel joining the still very light chocolate. The finish is a slight wave of bitterness and coffee that trails off into chocolate mocha.

Bottom Line: Kind of dull, but certainly drinkable.



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