Titletown Boathouse Pilsner

My second Titletown beer, and the first one was certainly good enough that I was looking forward to trying this one. Again, this was a gift, and I am happy to get gifts of beer from pretty much anyone, but this isn't the first time I got beer from Michael, and it seems odd, as I'm pretty sure he's never read a single blog entry that I've written.

The very clear yellow-gold beer sports a decent head that even manages some lacing, so we're going in the right direction with this. The aroma is a yeasty wort with grains and bread backing it up. It's a nice enough smell, and it reminds me of what a pilsner should smell and ultimately taste like, so I'm saying that we're firing on all cylinders at this point.

First sip is a little more carbonation than expected, but that doesn't take away from the enjoyment of the nice, bready grains and even a little bit of flowers. In a simple sip, I can readily identify this sucker as a pilsner, and I can further say that it is a very good example of a pilsner. The problem is that beers change when they are imbibed with a bit more gusto, and that is where the pavement hits the road (or maybe the concrete hits the rebar? I don't know, I'm not great with metaphors).

Tip-in is bread, sweet malt, and a bit of wheatgrass. It's not overpowering, and the carbonation is more of an afterthought. The middle is very easy to drink without being watery; this is a delicate balance to get, but when you do it is very rewarding. The bread is more doughy and the flowers and even a bit of spice come in to add to things. The finish is a touch of bitterness added to the middle, and then everything fades as the bitterness and sweetness battle things out in the trail-off. This trail off winds up bringing the whole beer down a peg with an after effect that is almost mossy.

Bottom Line: A good example of a pilsner. Why wasn't the last pilsner I tried this good?



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