New Heights Animal Style Double IPA

Another beer from the fresh local growler options at City Sliquors. I swear, they don't pay me for plugging them, but I have had too many bad experiences with crappy beer sellers, and I am going to hold onto a good one now that I found it. This is from New Heights in Nashville, and I expect it to be fresh and new take on the Double IPA style.

The very hazy bright yellow beverage retains very little head - no more than a dusting. It has an aroma that is a very nice citrus and floral hops. Gentle grains blow in the wind behind it, giving it a kind of wheat beer mixed with a really hoppy IPA smell.

First sip is crisp and somewhat sharp citrus and flowers with a sort of funky yeast that gives a bit of flavor, but it doesn't overpower the rest of the flavors like one of the Brett beers would. It's nice enough, but sipping is for other men. I shall swig.

Tip-in is citrus more than floral, but the flowers are definitely there with light carbonation tingle. The middle is a very smooth malt with caramel, flowers, light grains, and that citrus coming straight from the hops. This middle is downright delicious. The finish is a bit more complicated. Everything doesn't seem to quite fit together perfectly, as it has a surge of the funky yeast and I can't say I like the funk very much.

Bottom Line: On the whole, this is a very enjoyable beverage.



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