Prairie Artisan Funky Gold Mosaic

This is my third beer from these guys. The first one upset me so much, I thought about driving down the road and hurling these other two at passers by. As I would never actually throw a bottle of beer at someone, I tried the second one and mostly liked it. This one at least says that it is sour on the front, but I honestly didn't look long enough to read the difficult-to-read script.

I'll give them this - this beer certainly smells both funky and sour. It looks like it would be without much flavor, as the particular shade of "gold" is more of a pale yellow. It's pretty freaking well carbonated, though. I popped this open and was greeted with a massive cascade of bubbles dribbling everywhere. Even now, my hand has this peculiar funky sour smell to it that... isn't that bad.

First sip is Funky and sour. Actually, it's more sour than funky. It's not lemon sour, as it doesn't have any of the citrus delight about it. Instead, it's like licking the side of one of those Warheads candies and never getting to the delicious lemon or even the sweet sugar part. It is the part of the candy that you brave through in order to get to the rest of it to make it a balanced experience.

Tip-in is sour and very musty. There may be some grains supporting it, but the sourness is still a bit much. The middle is downright horrid with its sour sandpaper scraping the top of the mouth while the grains seem to swell somewhere under it all. The finish is - if anything - more sour and less flavor than the rest of the beer.

Bottom Line: Sour, and it has pretty much put me off of this brewer ever again.



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