FireFly Moonshine Apple Pie

I've had moonshine before, and the results were okay and bad. My hopes are high for this one out of pure optimism. I picked this up when I picked up more beer from a local beer distributor, so I'm in a particularly good mood right now. This one is another Apple Pie, and I thought the other one was okay, but this one is 60 proof, so my complaints about the last one not being strong enough (while still having an overpowering alcohol taste) are probably not going to be repeated.

The color is a light gold, like apple juice from concentrate (not like Simply Apple, which is dark, misty, and beautiful). The aroma... I don't remember exactly what the last one smelled like, but this one is unmistakably the apple pie from Eat N Park. If you don't know what an Eat N Park is, think of it as a Denny's with better food and a slightly warmer atmosphere that is mostly in the Ohio valley.

First sip is actually pretty good. The distinct taste of apples and cinnamon flow freely over a warmth that is immediate and all-inclusive. It warms the tip of the tongue, and I can feel the heat hitting all the way down the gullet. The warmth is smooth and calming, and a sweetness stays on the lips like a glaze on top of the crust. I think I might be able to sip this all night, but a larger drink is in order (I'm not even sure this works with moonshine like it does with beer).

Tip-in is alcohol. The burn is not as immediate as it was with a sip, and it hits stronger when it does kick in - as a burn instead of a warmth. The middle is compressed like a shovel of apples, a jar of cinnamon, and straight alcohol fighting to hit the tastebuds - none of them being very good on their own, and they are hitting all alone - one at a time. It's unpleasant. The trailing taste is of the apple pie I had in the sip, but the drink hits the stomach like a rock on fire. It's still not good.

I totally recommend drinking this the right way - as a sip. I may try it on the rocks, but I'm pretty sure sipping is the way to go, and that's what I'm scoring this on - not the terrible gulp.



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