Surly "Hell" Lager

I think Surly is a good name for a brewery. It gives a general menacing tone for the brewery and its resulting beer, but it's not outright aggressive. Instead, it's kind of a mellow grumpiness that I'd kind of expect from the loners who eventually figure out how to brew and bottle (or can) beer and get it to my door.

The pale straw-colored beer had so much carbonation that the sucker spilled all over the place when I cracked the top. So, I got a lot of the smell as I cleaned up the spill; it's wheat grains with lemon highlighting some bread dough. I'm seeing a bit of lacing as it goes down, and I really get more of a pilsner impression from the aroma than a lager, but what do I know?

First sip is a little dry, a little sweet, a lot grainy, and a good backing of doughy bread. There aren't a whole lot of lagers that I would happily sip instead of drink like I normally do, but this sip is certainly nice enough to make me rethink my normal way of acting. But, if I gulp, I can finish this review and go back to drinking like a normal person.

Tip-in is light carbonation tickle with the grains very forward; a wheat treat, and it has a good sweetness to it. The middle rolls with a nice, smooth bread dough and grain mix as the lemon brightly highlights it all. The finish is a wave of heavier grains and then a trail off that is slightly bitter.

Bottom Line: That's a darn good lager.



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