West Sixth IPA

My first West Sixth the beer could've been better. The fact is, I gave it a 1.5, but that was before I let it warm up a little bit. By the end, I had given an extra quarter of a point. This still didn't bring it up to the mid range beers that I would say are perfectly acceptable for a night out or giving one to a friend. Let's hope this one fares a little better.

The bronze-gold beer has the slightest of hazes going on in the middle of the beer. The off-white head is sticky enough to leave a respectable amount of lacing on the sides of the glass. The aroma of pine hops taint the floral and citrus overtones, and the sweet malt makes the whole beer seem like it just wants to pull the lever to start this roller coaster going.

First sip is significantly more pine and flowers than I expected, and they turn the drink a little bitter and a whole lot dry. The sweet malt isn't really assertive, so it's not having much of an effect of tamping down the bitterness. It's not a sipping beer. At least I hope it's a bit better with a swig.

Tip-in is sweet malt on top, carbonation burn at the bottom, and grains with flowers in the middle of the mouth. As the sip progresses, I encounter much more carbonation burning up the inside, but the citrus and pine are trying to get a flavor moving in the right direction. The finish is a wave of bitterness, more flowers and pine, and a dusty trail-off that is just a bit more bitter.

Bottom Line: They had a good idea, but things got too muddled.



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