Bearded Iris "Chaos Agent" IPA

Whenever I think about chaos, I remember back to my days in college with my old college roommate. We talked extensively about chaos theory and stare as the fractal generation program ran on the ancient Macintosh computers that the computer lab had. Now, Chaos is come to Nashville in the form of this beer. God help us all

The beer isn't nearly as opaque as I expect from Bearded Iris. Instead, it's a somewhat hazy deep gold with a white head that grips the sides very well (yes, we have lacing, and I'm loving it) with its tiny little bubbles. The aroma is sweet and floral with citrus backing it up solidly. I know I always say I'm looking forward to it, so I won't say it this time (but I am).

First sip is delightfully understated with the citrus, sweet malt, pine, and flowers all coming in a soft pile, yearning for the attention of the tastebuds, but they aren't all yammering on about it. Instead, it's full of flavor and relaxed at the same time, and this is a complex dance to pull off right. I wonder if things will be as good with a full swig.

Tip-in is very sweet caramel and oranges with a gentle carbonation caress. The middle is a dramatic increase in carbonation to the point of burning while the meat of the tangerines, pineapple, and peaches join the orange. The finish stomps in with a tartness and a hint of pine and a breeze of flowers.

Bottom Line: It's a bit of a challenge in the middle, but sipping it works out just fine.



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