Left Hand Raspberry Milk Stout

It has actually been quite a while since I had a new kind of Left Hand Brewing beer to try out (September, 2016). I had my first beer from them before I even had this blog, so it was one of the early reviews that wasn't as structured or as loquacious as my more recent reviews. However, I have really enjoyed their total run of beers. Let's add another one to the list.

The dark ruby coloring is deep and is surmounted by a relatively small head that definitely has a bit of a maroon tinge. The aroma is 50 shades of raspberries. I would like to say that the raspberry is subtle, and I'm really looking forward to the berry on top of the already great milk stout, but I suspect this is going to be all berry and no stout.

First sip is governed by Marion Berry. It's all about a berry Christmas. It's probably been brewed by Berry Berry Quite Contrary. So, yes, it's a pun-filled berry beverage. Is there a milk stout under it all? Well, if we are to believe Left Hand, yes. I can't say I taste it very much. The berries are on a bed of earth, but it's not the familiar milk stout that I know and really enjoy. Maybe I can find it in a swig. I'm berry hopeful.

Tip-in is raspberries, light carbonation tingle, and tartness - a much more extreme tartness than I expected. The middle opens into raspberry lined creamy smoothness that is very, very nice - although it is tart and angry at the free ends. The finish is more raspberry piled on tartness with tartness and sizzle trailing off.

Bottom Line: A nice beverage, ruined.



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